Do you know of anyone – ceda members – who supply fogging machines to help kill the virus (COVID-19) please?


  1. ceda Member ‘Catering Equipment Solutions (Peterborough) Ltd’ has said they can help and are happy for you to contact them direct – Anna McNamara Mobile: 07876 562856  Tel: 0845 878 7030
  2. ceda Platinum Partner ‘Mechline Developments Ltd – 
  3. ceda Member ‘Marshall Catering Equipment’ has said that they know a Supplier of these so please contact Jonathan Skinner via Tel – 01937 842 852 Mob – 07983 123 463
  4. ceda Member ‘JLA Ltd’ have said JLA supply sanitising machines and the JLA Sanitiser eliminates harmful micro-organisms such as MRSA, Norovirus, E.Coli, Salmonella and C.difficile and neutralises unpleasant odours.  Details can be found at: If interested, the member should contact or call 0808 239 7813 for their query to be dealt with quickly.
  5. We recommend Mechline! (ceda Platinum Partner)
  6. I suggest they contact this company in London:
  7. Ian White at Mechline Developments Ltd has asked that you contact him direct – Email: Tel: 01908267713 | Mob: 07799422969

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