Where in the UK can I purchase Spark Arresting Grease Filters from please?


  1. Try CK Direct – Tel: 01733 230378
  2. If they mean kitchen extract baffle filters, LTS make them. Email MD Bob Leigh
  3. Longar or Veritech. Although they are not certified as spark arrestor, none of them are.
  4.  Ian Levin is a very good guy on anything ventilation.
  5. Yes we do spark arrester filter if you could let me know the size of their existing filters I can get a quote and lead time prepared – Robert Leigh of LeighTec. Email: Tel: 01405 752401. Mobile: 07951 743708. Website:
  6. Die Pat can supply them; however, they are a special-order item and they do not keep them on the shelf. Contact stating what size and quantity you require, and they can put a request in with their purchasing team to advise on prices and lead times.
  7. Contact Longar Industries for their Data sheet for the Spark Arrester baffle filter.
    Tel: 01264 332993 Website: Email:
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