Integrated hot holding cupboard : the issue is to prevent children from touching the hot surface of a hot holding cupboard, so an integrated cupboard would hopefully prevent this. Anyone aware of the availability of this type of unit?


  1. ceda member company ‘Kitchequip’  have said ‘We can provide a number of different models of hot holding cupboards, that we supply to schools and hospitals etc. The heat is within and are only ‘warm’ to the touch externally for user friendly practicalities. We can provide integrated models, varying sizes available’.
  2. I would have though hot-holding would be kitchen-side and away from children. If it is kitchen side, a void in servery countering to allow a roll-under holding cabinet (or space close to point of service) should do the job. These are widely available from Victor/Hatco/Alto Shaam/Blanco/BGL Rieber/Prince Castle/Tournus to name a few (there are others!).
    These are not strictly ‘integrated’ but they would not normally need to be so in a school kitchen.
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