As part of our new kitchen/restaurant facility, we are looking into the payment of food. Ideally, we would like staff to have an ID card, which also doubles up as their access control card to get them into areas of the building but also as a payment card for food.

Like the system schools use, called Parent Pay…… where as they can pre load and then swipe as they pay. Are you familiar of any such systems/suppliers? Thank you.


  1. ceda Member ‘Kitchequip’ are currently involved in launching  the ‘new concept’ of ‘cashless kiosk’  which is very much aimed at this type of operation you highlighted from enquirer. They have set up a showroom layout of this very operation, offering hot/cold grab n go foods, drinks/snacks/ & coffee machine facility, with the pay station at the end / cashless system/ operated by till type system that we’re all familiar with/can be set for retail pricing and additional staff concessionary rates etc. They are happy to speak with the interested parties and show them the concept.  (it’s very much like the ‘coming across to us from America, the ‘amazon go’ type grab n go store for busy people on the move at break times –
  2. A ceda Member’s customer has this in place and is very pleased with the service she has from Systopia:


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