One of our customers has approached us to supply and install bespoke Commercial Barbeque appliance that incorporates refrigeration and induction units within it.

Could you ask if anyone knows who may deal or supply this type of appliance. Thank you.


  1. Adande Refrigeration Ltd – re the refrigeration part.
  2. Inox Fabrications Ltd –
  3. MCS Technical Products Ltd – re supplying the unit.
  4. Scobie McIntosh –
  5. Holmes Catering could supply this. Please contact Matt Taylor 
  6. Try Rex Martins
  7. Modo-Commercial Kitchen Design. Concept Bars,Concept Refrigeration, Concept Bar Systems 
  8. Kitchequip have installed a similar set up: Please contact 
  9. I would try Clay Oven Company or Control Induction perhaps, Levon at Clay Oven would be able to help I am sure.
  10. Archway Engineering who supply both direct and through distributors do bespoke BBQs.
    There is also a company called Oxgrills who I think are local to us (01789 263 799). I have not dealt with them personally so unable to vouch for them.
  11. Hope this helps – There won’t be a single manufacturer that makes the whole unit so it would be a case of selecting:
    A. A suitable induction hob – various manufacturers
    B. A suitable refrigerated base unit – variously known as a ‘Chef Base’/‘Under Broiler Counter’/’Low Level Counter’ etc etc – these are available from all of the Major manufacturers.
    C. A suitable custom-built stainless steel, firebrick-lined charcoal-pit BBQ from a reputable fabrication shop to surround/support A and B above and bring the whole unit together.
    1. The above assumes that the custom-built BBQ fabrication is a charcoal fire-pit and not gas-fire.
    2. Due to excessively high burning temperature of the charcoal the fabricator will have to ensure adequate insulation to prevent damage to the hob or refrigerated base. Ideally the hob should be separated from the charcoal pit by a solid insulated screen or adequate separation.


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