I need to know where to purchase (hopefully in UK), chest freezers which will run at -60 for freezing sushi tuna. Your help would be appreciated.


  1. Its many years since I worked in refrigeration, but a company called Swan Environmental (think they were based in Edinburgh) used to do ultra-low temperature chest freezers.
  2. Contact ceda Silver Partner ‘Foster Refrigerator’
  3. We can source low temperature chest freezers, which will freeze down to -60 C as follows: The supplier of the low temp chest freezers is Pentland Wholesale, Paul Royds 07891 490591 / 0845 6014456
  4. ‘Pentland’ do 4 sizes of ‘Vestfrost’ low temp chest freezers with temp range of -30degC to -60degC. Models VT147, VT307, VT407 and VT547. Although I‘m not certain about this, I would think that the freezer should only be used to conserve the frozen product at that temperature – the freezing of fresh product presumably needs to be in an appropriate blast freezer? Fish is a high-risk product after all. There aren’t any blast-freezers I can see which take the product that low, so maybe not.
  5. Scobie McIntosh. Tel: 0845 5040 466. Email:
  6. I think Hoshzaki do one under their medical range.
  7. The only place you can get those are medical distributors – I think LEC medical do them
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