Does any of our members have a good contact that can help with the disposal of old commercial refrigeration units as we are constantly asked to remove old when supplying replacements?


  1. Fosters and Williams do good rate if replacing with theirs or CEF but over £150 unit.
  2. All the fridge manufacturers or wholesalers would remove for a set price. For instance Foster charge £58 per cabinet to remove environmentally if they are delivering a new cabinet at the same time. Prices vary according according to the supplier.
  3. When supply replacements – get the manufacturer to pick up the old unit.
  4. We have tended to have the old uplifted with the new cabinet being supplied and charged for the services accordingly.
  5. It depends upon the members location of course but we use Pentland Wholesale who charge £40 per cabinet.
  6. We use HLCE Group, they are very reliable and dispose of units in an environmentally safe way.  Their number is 01162 602222 or 01162 601133.
  7. Fosters will take away and dispose for a nominal fee if its their kit that’s being delivererd (I believe Gram and Williams offer a similar deal).
    Otherwise I use our logistics company IAC to take them away and dispose of them (and yes usually its part of a refurb so we put the old fridges to one side and they collect them when they do the delivery of the new stuff – I only pay about £30 for them to take away, degas and dispose).
  8. We have had many issues over the last few years with this so always quote the suppliers disposal service as an option to the customer.
    Most collect an old unit on delivery of the new it just has to be outside ready to be taken.
  9. Ask them to check out a company called Cool Concerns or Solutions they used to dispose of all our stuff across the country.
  10. Although does come with a cost we usually get the manufacturer/supplier to take the old away when delivering the new.
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