Does any CEDA Member know of anyone who can repair Rorgue catering equipment – with knowledge of the equipment please?


  1. Trevor Burke of Exclusive Ranges sells Rorgue in the UK.
  2. TAG Catering Equipment UK Ltd –
  3. I would suggest that they contact Rorgue directly at to find out if they have any service arrangements in the UK
  4. Vision Commercial Kitchens have excellent engineers that could look after equipment of this type – Nationwide – so if you wish to discuss this further please contact David Andrews –
  5. Adrian – 07831686599. He is an engineer that I know has done a lot of Rourge ranges installation and service work and work for me in the past both under exclusive and direct. He may pass you back to Trevor at exclusive ranges.
  6. They should speak with Steve Hobbs at Grade Cuisine – They work with and have worked with bespoke cooking suites for years and their main technical guy Bob, carries out service and maintenance work across the UK.
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