Unfortunately, we have just been advised that our van tracking company are closing down and they have given us 60 days’ notice! We are based in the North of England. Can anyone recommend another company?


  1. Tell them to try Quartix Vehicle Tracking. Been with them for years and very good.
  2. We use for our van trackers, might be of use to them.
  3. ‘Abax!’ I pay £90 per month for 5 vans. App on phone, MOT and service logs, driver performance etc.
  4. We use Quartix and have done for many years if that helps.
  5. We have successfully used RamTracking for many years.
  6. We previously used TomTom commercial, and it was far superior.
  7. We have been using this firm for over a decade and it works well.
  8. We use Teletrac Navman- it comes highly rated!
  9. Teletrac Navman, K1, Kents Hill Business Park Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes, MK7 6BZ – UK. Tel: 0800 098 8696
  10. We use Quartix. No complaints from the team here.
  11. We are using Visiontrack and Fleetsmart. Maybe this can help. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but they can book a demo I believe so.
  12. We recommend
  13. We use Foresolutions – Simon Moyles is the owner. Unit 5C, GP Centre, Yeoman Rd, Ringwood BH24 3FF – Phone0330 094 5344 Amazing service and product.
  14. We have used Masternaut for several years and can’t fault them.
  15. We use a Warrington based company, Kwiktrak.
  16. We use a company called Movolytics for our tracking solutions who have provided very competitive rates and free training etc for our fleet of 25 vans over both companies.
    Their contact details are below if your member gets in touch they are welcome to contact me about the service.
    Nicola Fuller
    Head of Customer Services
    Mobile (+44)7960438546
    Ph (+44) 1223618175
    Nicola Fuller
  17. Kwiktrak (UK) Ltd. Office: 01925 763385. Mobile: 07773 270509 Email:
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