I have a client who wants us to import a pizza oven from Italy, this will only be a one off, but I am wondering if anyone has any experience with importing equipment.
The unit is ready to be shipped, we are being asked to pay the remaining balance, which is fine, but we don’t want the unit getting stuck at customs due to a paperwork issue.
I have also been informed we should not pay Vat, this is paid when it enters the country, which again I am not sure is correct.

Please can any other members offer any advice or support.


  1. Contact Linda Lewis Kitchens – Contact – LLK (
  2. The more important question to ask is, if the equipment complies with UK regs and if it is UKCA marked? If it isn’t we wouldn’t install it.
  3. Yes, that is correct, any Vat or duties will be invoiced by the company they are using to get the goods into the country (usually the transport company). Any VAT can then be reclaimed.
  4. I would try Linda Lewis Kitchens – all they do is import these from Italy. Ask for Jena or Kyle.
  5. We import all the time. We have had to appoint Schenker’s to undertake our Custom’s Clearance and we have a VAT Deferment in place. My stepson-in-law is Italian with a Restaurant which we fitted the kitchen in but he wanted an all singing and dancing front of house Pizza Oven and did a direct Import deal before Brexit.  He had difficulty with the installation, couldn’t get spare parts.  It looked wonderful and had to be replaced after a year. It’s full of difficulties at the present time as a one off but in view of the state of this PO I will get my team to forward the Schenker details to get it cleared.  It takes up to a week to set up.
  6. The shipping agents we have used for customs clearance from Denmark is provided by DB Schenker UK (Redhead Freight), details below.
    DB Schenker UK (Redhead Freight)
    Redhead Freight Ltd., Dealburn Road, Low Moor, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD12 0RG
    Customs Department
    Phone+44 (0)2088314597
    Team leader – Michael O’Neill
  7. Likely not the most helpful feedback but after having spoken with my sales team they had one “not so good” experience. Their advice would be to establish clear requirements surrounding customs. They went in blind and are still receiving invoices from DSV customs.
  8. I am on a course with a nice lady who deals with imports and shipping it might be worth passing on her details.
    Sara Hutchinson – Managing Director
    01784 252444
    Can be found on LinkedIn too
    I am sure she we will be happy to offer some guidance and support them with the shipment end to end.
  9. The whole process has changed since Brexit.
    No vat to pay, only duty on goods entering the UK.
    Do you need help with logistics & customs?
    Would need the following to complete;
    Weight, dimensions
    Commercial invoice
    Packing list
    EORI number of exporter ( Italy manufacturers)
    EORI number of importer ( uk customer)
    Very simple process with the correct information.
    Happy to assist!
    Dane Waldron Logistics Ltd
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