Can anyone recommend an on site fabricator. I need to get a table cut down 200mm and have a profile fitted to the edge. The site is in Leatherhead. Thank you.


  1. We have many fabricators we use, that can come down to site and do the works required. Challenge and issue is they are all fully booked until September!  Cutting down 200mm and making good, however not always that easy and would need hot works! Happy to assist as work in that area and can do a site visit.
    Geoff Edwards FIH, CGoC MWIFM
    Business Development Manager
    CEBA Solutions Ltd (ceda Member)
    Tel: 07483 414168
    Tel: 01730 265899
  2. There is a guy called Brad Merchant who keeps popping up on LinkedIn who does some cutting and carving work. Seems to do some really good work and is based in and around the London area.
  3. Derrick Law from ceda member company Keemlaw Catering Equipment has said ‘If the table can be delivered to us at Keemlaw we can help Tel: 01622 717177 Email:
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