We are looking for a fabricator that works with brass, specifically bar areas both front and back bar sections.


  1. Stellex Ltd. Contact: Tony Chamberlain. Mobile – 07730200844. Email:
  2. FSW Catering Equipment & Gas Services LTD (ceda Member) FSW Gas Services Ltd – ceda can help with this enquiry.
  3. C&C Catering Fabrications Ltd. Website: Contact Greg Swift. Email:
  4. We recently worked with Metal Sheets Ltd in Liverpool on a large brass bar top – their quality was excellent, but delivery was slow. Stellex can also provide this I believe but we have only done zinc with them.
  5. Contact Oliver (Ollie) via Tel:07809 395681
  6. Hellings. Contact: Dan Hellings. Tel: 07794 724513
  7. There are plenty about such as: and
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