I have been asked by a customer for the following:

150 litre Electric or Induction Boiling Pan
Double Jacket
Automatic Fill
Free Standing

Could you see if anyone knows of anything suitable, please.


  1. We are the agent for the following boiling pans and currently supply into food production and hospitality –
    Amjad Alikhan – General Catering Ltd
    Website: Email: Tel: 01302 340742
  2. Contact Electrolux
  3. I would point them to Electrolux or Garland – They don’t do 150 litre, slightly under or over.
  4. Firex or metos
  5. I think BGL Reiber will be able to help
  6. Falcon do a large range of these products.
  7. Contact John Ward – Scobie Equipment Ltd (ceda Member) Tel: 07918 690275. Email:
  8. Please contact Lee Howard – CKS (National) Ltd (ceda Member) Tel: 0333 207 2557 Email:
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