Can any member please recommend a good photographer they use for their projects who covers the London/SE area? Thank you.


  1. We’ve not used but had one recommended to ourselves (so we’ve no history with).
    Paul Mason
    Viewpoint Actionmedia
    Tel: 01494 680850
    Mobile: 07836 685470
  2. Here is the lady we’ve used for our photography in the past. She is very professional and takes superb photos – really suitable for publishing (or so editors have told us!).
    Contact: Susannah Fields Photography Email:
    Corporate, Charity, Hospitality & Portrait Photography:
    Wedding Photography:
    Family Photography:
    Event Photography:
  3.  I highly recommend Frasershot here. “Frasershot Studios – Commercial Photography” Fantastic company
  4. I know a good food photographer called Majella, who operates under the name “Pavlova & Cream” Not sure how much of a recommendation she would be for heavy equipment etc
  5. Paul Fuller who is the professional photographer that I know well and personally, he’d be do a great job for the ceda member and be interested to speak with the ceda member, or any other members in the London / South East area.
    Mobile: 07946 352680
  6. We recommend Andy who would be very happy to help with any photography (or filming) projects you have coming up.
    Contact: Andy Heathcote
    AndyHeathcote Photography Ltd
    Mobile: 07834 594 767
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