Do the members know of a system for commercial kitchens that balances electrical usage by turning equipment on and off?


  1. With the Sicotronic Energy optimisation System we have exactly that solution and I will be happy to assist your member in any way I can. Your members are welcome to visit the website or our LinkedIn page for more information. In addition to the optimisation we also offer full connectivity and energy management & monitoring solutions so I am sure we can find a solution to your members challenge.
    Please do feel free to forward our details and I look forward to catching up with you soon.
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    Richard Fordham
    Ki-Tech Solutions
    Tel: 0044 (0)7968 426302 (mobile)
    Tel: 03300 552779 (office)
    Address: PO Box 9116, Sturminster Newton, DT10 9BN
  2. In response to your email about energy optimisation contact Richard Fordham who may be able to help. Email: Tel: 0330 055 2779 Mobile: 07968 426302
  3. A company called Sicotronic do this. See Sicotronic Presentation  291019.pptx
  4. Sicotronic. Contact- Richard Fordham. Tel: (0)7968 426302 (mobile) or (0)1963 364649 (office)
  5. Maybe can help.
  6. The only system I know of that is supported in the UK is Sicotronic (great system) managed by Ki-Tech – Richard Fordham
  7. Andy Fulham at KI-Tech Solutions. Tel: (0)7880 700900 (mobile) or  03300 552779 (office). Email:  Website:
    Refer to
  8. The De Manincor ’TCS’ system does this by load lopping between equipment 30 times a second to keep energy usage under a certain value and stop any overloading of equipment.
    The DeManincor system (which can work with any equipment, not just DeManincor).
    We would act as DeManincor UK with the member, so would be no conflict of interest. More information can be found here: this is of use to the ceda member and please do let us know if we can be of assistance.
    Kind regards,
    Dean Kahl
    Marketing & PR Manager / 01920 877007 ext. 307
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  9. I remember CI Mag had a feature on ‘smart kitchens’ and discuss Apps –
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