Would it be possible please for you to ask fellow members for any advice on pay for working out of hours weekdays and weekends including bank holidays. If anyone could give me advice on rates. allowances etc it would be very much appreciated.


  1. Having inherited West of Scotland Union type rates which were a shock to my system, we still have a bit of it about and at the moment pay as follows:Overtime only paid after completion of basic 39 hours.

    Working a normal 8.00 am to 4.30 pm day, the first 4 hours are at time and a half and then double timed.I would recommend that no double time be paid on Weekdays and Saturdays if setting up a system.

    The maximum we will pay for travelling if it falls into overtime is time and a half.

    Saturday morning first four hours at time and a half and then double time (try to avoid it)

    Sunday is on double time apart from travelling.

    Bank Holidays either double time or standard time and a day off in lieu.  Used to be double time plus a day off but that’s unsustainable.

    When I worked in Yorkshire, it was time and a third during the week and Saturdays and not time and a half so depending on where your member is I would look really hard at what is being offered.  It’s okay if you’re pricing the job at overtime but not if it slips into overtime when double time just kills the profit.

    Hope that helps.  We treat our workforce well and look after them but we need them to work when we’re busy and sometimes we negotiate a package for installation.  I’m a great believer in not expecting them to stay somewhere I wouldn’t stay myself, and to cover adequate expenses for proper meals and snacks but no flat rate money in their pockets

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