What electronic systems are other ceda members using for the engineer’s documents and invoicing please? And any pros or cons they have found with the systems. We need to swap over from paper to electronic in the near future.


  1. Bigchange –
  2. Click 4 mobile engineer
  3. We use a company called we work together, they tailor make it to your original paperwork.  Tel: 0207 1297058
  4. My suggestions would be Syclops marketed by a company called Advance – Or Optim Service marketed by the Interchange Group They are not cheap but will do everything a service / project / install company needs. We have experience of using both.
  5. We use clik and have the app version installed on Ipads for the engineer’s worksheets. We don’t actually use it for invoicing, but it can also be used for invoicing and purchase orders.
  6. We can recommend BigChange – contact details :- Serge Fagelman Email: Tel: 0113 457 1000 Website:
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