ScrapDrainBio is the sustainable sink guard for the modern kitchen. It separates food scrap BEFORE it goes down the drain while bio-remediating grease in the line.

The DEEP internal basket seamlessly strains solids for easy & tidy transfer.

Wash & rinse dishes as normal while ScrapDrain with BIO remediates grease, separates solids, and presents a one-step transfer for local composting, organics recycling program or municipal pickup.

Environmental & Functional benefits with ScrapDrain:

IMPROVES wastewater quality by reducing total suspended solids and FOG1
PREVENTS food scrap from causing clogs in drains, sewer & septic systems
SIMPLIFIES sink scrap collection & streamlines transfer to a compost option
REMEDIATES grease & sugars with naturally occuring microbes in the drain
REPLACES electric disposals with better solids prevention & less water use

Download the ScrapDrainBio Product SPEC Sheet here.