Novameta distinguishes itself in the market with bespoke, refined solutions, a trait evident across its entire product range, encompassing work tables, cooling counters, and the flagship product: the Novameta Cooking Island.

Novameta not only provides tailored technical solutions, such as the option to select a front or centre island and assemble desired components but also offers the opportunity to personalize the design of an exclusive product to suit individual tastes.

For chefs, it is important that the working environment is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Label your island with a logo, an inspirational phrase or the name of a restaurant. The option of painting allows to match the colours of the kitchen equipment to the overall interior and to creates a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere in the workplace, as well as reflects the creative ideas of the kitchen team.  

Such customization can significantly enhance the overall impression on customers and immerse them in the restaurant’s unique ambiance.

Select the color of your preference and bring your aspirations to life. 

No limits – just possibilities!

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