Minirack EVOLUTION RANGE - The next step for flexibility, reliability and performance.

Our Maidaid Evolution Miniracks offers the most economical solution for volume warewashing in terms of footprint, manpower and cost.

The Minirack Evolution

Washes Perfectly.
R3010 & R3020 at only 115cm long, capacity of 120 & 160 racks per hour out performs many larger machines. Wash arms engineered for maximum soil removal and energy efficiency.

With a powerful rinse boiler and thermal interlock the results are predictably good from start to finish.

With double wall construction and insulated full width doors operating noise is kept at a maximum of 70db.

Easily cleaned in seconds.
Optional draw filter now gives triple filter system protection for wash water to enhance performance. Draw type surface tray filter removable for cleaning during service. Surface tank strainer with removable debris basket and final safety filter protecting wash pump inlet.

Economic to run.
Water consumption down to as little as 1.2 litres per rack. Timed wash run on, rinse economiser and table end stop switch all make the Minirack extremely economical. Large savings on electrical consumption, detergent and rinse aid.

A quick guide to the Minirack models:

Minirack R3010.
Compact two speed single tank machine with breaktank washes up to 120 racks per hour and ideal for medium sized sites.

Minirack R3020.
Compact four speed single tank machine with breaktank washes up to 160 racks per hour for sites requiring a faster throughput. Includes dedicated glass washing cycle.

Minirack R3030.
Compact three speed dual tank machine with breaktank washes up to 270 racks per hour. Deals with higher level of soiled products due to its pre wash module.

Maidaid Halcyon also offer a wide range of inlet, exit tabling and accessories. Also a wide range of racks to suite site requirements are available

What to know more? Click here to download the Minirack Information Sheet or check out our website for more key points & tech specs.