ceda Launches Solid Fuel Fired Catering Equipment Industry Guidelines

Solid fuel fired catering equipment has seen a huge increase in popularity in the last couple of years and ceda’s technical support advisor, Peter Kay, is frequently asked for information on the industry regulations relating to the use and installation of this type of equipment in commercial kitchens. With no “ready-made” document available, Peter has spent the last 18 months in close collaboration with HETAS (www.hetas.co.uk) to produce some much-needed industry guidelines. These are in harmony with the latest version of DW172, the specification for commercial kitchen ventilation systems. There are a number of risks associated with this type of equipment including:
  • Production of carbon monoxide
  • Sparks from the fuels being burned
  • Very high temperature exhaust fumes
Aimed at a broad cross section of the industry, the guide is recommended for foodservice operators, kitchen design teams, equipment suppliers and installers, ventilation designers and engineers, maintenance engineers and ventilation cleaning specialists. Topics covered include all aspects of equipment selection and positioning, ventilation, fire suppression, equipment operation, fuel types plus storage and handling, cleaning equipment and ductwork and maintenance issues. ceda expects the guide to become the “go to” document for the industry. The document entitled “Guidance on best practice for the safe installation, operation and maintenance of solid fuel fired catering equipment in commercial premises” is available from ceda for a cost of £50. To order a copy please visit our website ceda.co.uk/contact-us/ or contact us on 01386 793911 or by email at info@ceda.co.uk.