ceda's memcom award nominations!

ceda's memcom award nominations!

ceda has been shortlisted for not one, but two, memcom membership excellence awards 2021.

memcom is the hub that connects senior leaders from membership organisations to collaborate, innovate and share best practice. ceda has been recognised in the “Best Member Support During Covid-19 (under 50 employees)” and “Best Educational Membership Event” (for The Digital Event 04.03.21.) categories.

Whilst delighted with the award nominations, it’s not lost on ceda Director General Adam Mason that both are as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that has been so detrimental to the industry in which ceda serves. “The award nominations are bittersweet,” Admits Mason. “I’m so proud of the work, support, initiatives, and training we offered our members, and the wider industry, particularly during the early stages, and throughout the entire pandemic. For a small team of 1 full time and 2 part-time employees, we achieved an awful lot.

“Similarly, The Digital Event we held in March of this year was born of the desire to engage, inspire and celebrate the membership and our industry, as we would ordinarily do at our physical annual Conference. We didn’t want the pandemic to be a reason not to do it, and so we embraced the digital conferencing platform and the new opportunities and elements it brought.

“Whilst our members, and the industry at large, will live with the effects of COVID-19 for many years to come, we felt it important to seek the positives from the crisis and demonstrate all we’ve done to support our members through these challenging times. We feel our applications and subsequent nominations in the memcom awards do just that.”

During the initial months of lockdown in the Spring of 2020, ceda were in regular contact and communication with operator sector associations, providing them with information, data and statistics to allow them to demonstrate the full facts of the economic impact on the equipment industry and to influence policy making and decisions.

ceda led a coming together of four organisations in the catering equipment distribution sector to best represent and state the case for the industry to Government. This was in addition to ceda’s own independent efforts which involved writing to Ministers, liaising with Government departments and producing template letters for Members to send to their local MPs.

From an operational point of view, those in the industry needed to understand where and how they could continue to operate at various stages of the pandemic. Very early on, ceda were able to secure key worker status for installation and maintenance engineers that were operating in essential kitchens and produced template letters for them to carry on a daily basis. ceda issued sector-specific guidance notes from the various generic documentation that came out from Government and the construction industry at various stages of the pandemic, to ensure that those who had to operate could do so in as safe a way as possible, and in line with Government guidance.

The introduction of an Emergency HR Support Service was hugely valuable to Members and something that ceda introduced at the end of March 2020. ceda engaged with an external consultant to provide direct and individual Member support and guidance, deliver webinars, as well as producing various guidance documents and template letters.

There were a number of areas where ceda’s focus was very sector-specific, particularly relating to technical support. They produced many documents, as well as circulating several more produced from other sources, all relating to technical matters with Covid-19. The most well received and widely shared document in the industry was an interactive title that ceda produced “Minimising Risk from Covid-19 when reopening a commercial kitchen”. This also worked as a sales/marketing tool for ceda members to generate business opportunities.

ceda’s future focus was also evident in ensuring the continuation of the industry apprenticeship scheme that was launched at the end of 2020. Moving all apprentices to remote learning so that they could continue the programme despite lockdown.

ceda’s focus on people during the pandemic has been significant. They moved quickly to set up communication channels between people and provide content for people. A private Linkedin group was established in March 2020, and is still used today, for members to interact with each other, and a more informal but equally important WhatsApp group was also set up. These two contained over 300 people working within Member companies the vast majority of which were furloughed and potentially feeling disconnected.

Zoom was also embraced as a communication and networking channel to bring the membership together to talk, listen, learn and communicate. ceda held its first ever Zoom webinar on the 26th March 2020 and over the course of the next four months delivered 84. In addition, probably the most valuable webinars were the weekly ‘Members Connected’ sessions where ceda updated Members on the latest information and news and discussed their individual challenges together as a group. All webinars were open to every member of staff within every Member company, even those on furlough, and attracted over 1100 attendees.

On Thursday 11th June, following the announcement of a high number of redundancies from non-member companies in the industry, ceda launched cedaRetain – an initiative to link those industry professionals who were made redundant from their current role due to the pandemic with potential future employers. The fear being that many highly skilled, talented and experienced people within the industry would be lost to other sectors. Individuals registered with cedaRetain and created a short profile of themselves and the type of work that they were looking for which were then listed and distributed to companies in the sector that were interested in recruitment. In addition, ceda opened up its webinar sessions and e-learning platform for these individuals to use in order to maintain links and knowledge. In 2020, cedaRetain had 43 people register with the scheme and 32 were retained within the industry – and people are still finding employment through the initiative even now.

ceda have held an annual, in-person conference for 47 years. In March 2021, for the first time ever, they went digital.

A one-day, virtual event that brought together an incredible line-up of speakers, exhibitors, designers, catering equipment distributors, manufacturers and suppliers, food service operators, trade media and more, and ignited optimism and positivity in the sector after the most challenging 12 months.

Of the event Mason says, “Having spent the previous 12 months fighting to save businesses, jobs and retain talent in our sector, the primary objective of our digital event was to bring together the industry, with the end of lockdown in sight, in order to network, connect and learn.”

Despite it being ceda’s first venture into the virtual event world, they were determined to create a day that best mirrored the look, feel and atmosphere of the annual ceda Conference. Not just a Zoom or Teams gathering but a professional and interactive event that the membership and wider industry would derive a huge amount of value from.

ceda worked in partnership with their longstanding event management company to build and develop the conference on the Pheedloop platform that allowed for live segment streaming, an “exhibition hall” and comprehensive networking capabilities (private, public chats; live presence detectors and group networking sessions) for exhibitors, sponsors and attendees to network together, as well as delivering the ceda Grand Prix awards ceremony.

The usual annual ceda Conference attracts circa 300 people over a two-day event. 478 people joined the one-day Digital Event, nearly 50 of which were from hospitality and food service operators!

Mason says proudly, “The Digital Event surpassed all expectations, objectives and targets and, whilst born out of necessity, has provided a blueprint to deliver future events of a similar, or hybrid, kind. We were the first association in our sector to host such an event which is innovative in itself but following the great successes that we achieved, I feel sure we won’t be the last.”

“Because of the way we conducted and adapted ourselves throughout the pandemic and the opportunities we saw in technology to still host our annual conference, we feel we have every chance of success at the awards in September,” continues Mason. “The Membership has been kind in its words of feedback, support and praise telling us that we have saved jobs, saved businesses and retained talent in the industry as a direct result of our actions, outputs and response. We hope the judges will recognise this and we’ll be victorious on the night!”

A memcom source said “The memcom excellence awards 2021 received 25% more entries than last year and the quality and standard was very high. In a year when the membership sector has really excelled, the judges had to make some incredibly difficult decisions so extra congratulations on making the shortlist!”

The award winners will be announced on Thursday 30th September.

The full shortlist can be viewed here.

ceda Partner Welbilt Case Study-The Mere Golf Resort & Spa

ceda Partner Welbilt Case Study-The Mere Golf Resort & Spa

Executive Head Chef, Mark Fletcher oversees three dining spaces at the stunning Mere Golf Resort & Spa in Knutsford, including the two-rosette restaurant, Browns. With a passion for creating delicious and beautifully presented food, Chef Mark also presides over the banqueting function that caters for up to 750 guests.

Running the food offering for such a large and diverse resort is a substantial undertaking and having the right catering equipment makes a significant difference to all aspects of kitchen operations. For Chef Mark, the banqueting process in particular is a specific skillset that requires precise planning, as he explains:

“Our main kitchen services the banqueting, it’s compact, so every centimetre of space has to work hard. Every piece of equipment that I put into that space really has to deliver. Serving the club lounge, spa, room service, Browns restaurant and banqueting for up to 750 guests requires a high level of planning, and the impact on the kitchen if we get it wrong can be considerable. Staffing, and even the volume of pans and trays going over potwash can bring a kitchen to gridlock if it isn’t planned correctly with the right pieces of kit.”

To ensure he has the best set up, Chef Mark often visits other kitchens to observe their operations, and on one such trip, to Grosvenor House, he saw Welbilt’s Convotherm oven in action and was immediately impressed.

“Watching how the brigade operated and what the Convotherm could do was seriously exciting. The quality of product coming out of the ovens was amazing and the volume they could turn around was phenomenal. This was one amazing bit of kit.”

After seeing the Convotherm in action, Chef Mark contacted Paul Patel, Development Chef at Welbilt to arrange a personal demo.

As Paul explains:

“Having known Chef Mark for many years, initially through ‘Skills for Chefs’, we were delighted to get him over to our kitchens to show him exactly what Convotherm could do.” We demonstrated a range of dishes and particularly focused on regen as Chef was keen to utilize the Convotherm for banqueting. The Convotherm 4 Easy Touch 20:20 is an impressive machine and with our consultation and training, as well as our 10 steps to banqueting process, we can help operators to deliver large volumes of plated dishes at a level of quality and consistency that is unparalleled in the industry. As a trained chef, I have a particular interest in banqueting and we often say, cooking is an art, pastry is a science and banqueting is both!”

The consultation process with Welbilt is totally individual to the needs of the chef and their kitchen. Chefs spend a day in Welbilt’s demo kitchen, using the equipment, learning how it works and how it can reduce costs and time whilst still delivering a consistently high standard of food. This really is time well spent and is a crucial part of the Welbilt support model.

The Convotherm 4 Easy Touch is specifically designed for banqueting and can deliver up to 500 meals in just 30 minutes. Product can then be held for up to 20 minutes for speedy service. Since Chef Mark installed two Convotherm ovens at The Mere Golf Resort & Spa, it has revolutionized his banqueting operation by allowing the kitchen to prepare and chill the food the day before. Taking the plates out of the fridge around 45 minutes before service and using the Convotherm to regen, increases speed, yet retains the quality and consistency of the menu, as Chef explains:

“The Convotherm 4 Easy Touch works differently to other brands I’ve used and really does take the hard work out for you. We are always finding new things to use it for. You get great colouration on food and the oven even works out its own humidity, it’s just a very clever, clever bit of engineering! And we have to talk about the door – the disappearing door is just brilliant. It saves space as it slides back along the side of the oven, which helps improve safety in the kitchen as we haven’t got oven doors swinging open and closed. Plus, because of the way it unlocks, it draws the heat out of the back of the oven so it forces you to wait a few seconds before being able to open the door, which means you don’t get that rush of steam in your face. And, it helps to keep the roof canopy cleaner as well. I really am so impressed with the Convotherm 4 Easy Touch, it’s a top-notch piece of equipment, a very worthwhile investment, and the team at Welbilt has been incredibly helpful and supportive, both before and after we bought the Convotherm ovens.”

“I really am so impressed with the Convotherm 4 Easy Touch, it’s a top-notch piece of equipment, a very worthwhile investment.” concludes Mark.

Further information about Convotherm : Convotherm – Advancing Your Ambitions

ceda Members are encouraged to contact their Account Manager for additional information or assistance.

Ceda Partner Brita Professional's New Podcast Series Reveals The Key Ingredients For Business Longevity, From Experts In The Industry

Ceda Partner Brita Professional's New Podcast Series Reveals The Key Ingredients For Business Longevity, From Experts In The Industry

Although the hospitality sector has now reopened, it still faces challenges ahead and operators are looking for support to rebuild their businesses in the long run.

This is evident as new research from BRITA Professional reveals businesses want financial support from the Government (49%), help from suppliers to achieve greater efficiency and cope with rising demand (32%) and support regaining customer confidence (34%).

Looking to the future, hospitality businesses also acknowledge that top quality equipment and customer service will be key to ensuring success:

  • 51% say investing in equipment maintenance schedules is most important to help future proof their business.
  • Half of business will be adopting innovative customer service technology and almost a third (31%) will invest in Internet of Things enabled kitchen equipment.
  • 42% say they will ensure they are able to pivot and respond to change in the future.
  • 43% say they will be focusing on hygiene and cleaning.

Alongside this, the key ingredients hospitality businesses believe are needed for future-proofing their business are a loyal customer base (61%), strong teamwork (47%) and the ability to adapt (34%)

These themes and much more are discussed in BRITA Professional’s new podcast series ‘Return, Renew Reinvent’, along with insightful information from industry professionals, sharing how their businesses have responded to the pressures on the hospitality industry to secure ongoing success.

Hear from masters of the industry, including boutique-pub chain YummyPubs, leading training provider HIT Training, coffee roastery Wogan Coffee and catering parts supplier, First Choice on how they have adapted their strategies to invest in their future.

Steve Buckmaster, Director of Sales at BRITA UK said:

“At BRITA we want to support hospitality and catering businesses to invest in their future now the industry has reopened While the pandemic has been an extremely challenging time for the industry, hospitality and catering professionals have demonstrated incredible resilience. Our podcast series brings together voices from across the industry to offer practical advice, first-hand experience and key lessons they have learned while striving to achieve long-term business success.”

Turbofan Hot Holding Cabinets from Blue Seal

“TURBOFAN Hot Holding Cabinets:

Compliment your concept with one of our fantastic Hot Hold food cabinets.

Maximise your kitchen & service performance with less food waste.


Adande introduces new Saladette unit for 2021

Adande introduces new Saladette unit for 2021

The new saladette delivers increased storage capacity, greater efficiency, better hygiene and has zero CO2 emissions.

Adande is pleased to announce today the expansion of its range for 2021 with a new model Saladette. The saladette is a double drawer Adande unit with integrated saladette server.

The saladette unit has been remodelled for 2021 following feedback from Adande customers across the hospitality sector. The new saladette design has been reconfigured to  hold more produce, increase operating efficiency, and improve hygiene.

The base is a side-engine two-drawer Adande fridge, with the top drawer integrated to the saladette, enabling the operator to hold make-up produce in readiness. The saladette can  be switched off when not in use, and the refrigerated drawer will still operate as normal. The bottom drawer is a standard Adande fridge/freezer drawer, giving further capability for busy venues.

Spanning the full width of the refrigerated drawers, the new saladette server has 20% more holding capacity than earlier Adande models. As a result, it can accommodate an additional 1/3 gastronorm pan.

With a new look for 2021, the server shape has also been updated, with a front-facing slope that is angled towards the operator to give easier and quicker access to produce. This key feature will be invaluable for outlets where time is of the essence such as takeaways, and dark kitchens, as well as busy hotels and restaurants. Attention has also  been paid to the aesthetics of the unit, with its appearance enhanced to improve prep area presentation when kitchens are in customer view.

In  keeping with Adande’s green credentials, the new saladette model uses a natural refrigerant, with zero CO2 emissions. It is also very efficient and uses less energy than other saladettes on the market.

With a focus on kitchen hygiene, the new server front is made of a single piece of high-grade stainless steel built into the plating up area, removing any potential for dirt-traps and allowing easy cleaning.

With a focus on kitchen hygiene, the new server front is made of a single piece of high-grade stainless steel built into the plating up area, removing any potential for dirt-traps and allowing easy cleaning.

As Global Sales Director, Karl Hodgson comments:

“We are happy to launch today the new saladette model. Not only does it look fantastic and will be a great addition to any kitchen where food prep is on view, it performs excellently, the server holding more produce, delivering efficiency in the speed of serve, all whilst using less energy and without contributing to CO2 levels. It’s hygienic and can be controlled independently to the drawers below, meaning when it is empty you can simply switch it off, again saving energy usage. We would like to thank our customers whom we consulted with on the new design for their time and input. “

The 2021 new saladette model is available to order now.  ceda Members are encouraged to contact their Adande Account Manager for further information and assistance.

The Adande Sarma open-display refrigerated cabinet achieves C grade energy classification

The Adande Sarma open-display refrigerated cabinet achieves C grade energy classification

Adande Refrigeration Ltd, the company known for its award-winning ‘hold-the- cold’ refrigerated drawers, announced on 22nd June 2021 its new 4ft integral, open-display retail cabinet, the Adande Sarma, has achieved a C rated energy label, as per the new 2021 Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Legislation.

The legislation was itself introduced to steer purchasers towards more energy efficient products. The regulation has been defined so that no products should be rated in bands A-C, (based on benchmark data taken in 2014) in order to leave room for improved product development by manufacturers. The Adande Sarma cabinet scores significantly better than other open cabinets of a similar size, currently on the market today.

The Sarma open-display cabinet which allows shoppers to get close to products unhindered and without the impediment of a glass door, has achieved this new energy classification thanks to the ground-breaking Aircell technology it is powered by. This new revolutionary airflow management system retains the cold air within the cabinet ensuring a constant temperature and humidity. It provides better energy performance than cabinets fitted with shelf edge air guides and uses energy similar to that of cabinets with glass doors, but with the benefit of easier accessibility and greater opportunities for food sales. The stable temperature through the cabinet will extend food freshness and reduce waste, even in the harshest environments.

Global Sales Director, Karl Hodgson comments:

“The Sarma cabinet is a real winner for retailers who are energy conscious, are looking to avoid ‘cold-aisle syndrome’ for shoppers.In addition, with an open cabinet you not only remove the viral touchpoints of glass doors but also the cleaning and maintenance costs associated with them too. Little wonder that brands such as Yo Sushi! use them, especially when they can save up to £550 per year in energy use per 4ft cabinet, compared to standard E rated models, and £850 compared to F rated units. The reduction in energy, that an Adande Sarma cabinet gives, meaningfully supports an organisation’s sustainability agenda and helps reduce their carbon footprint.’

Managing Director of Applied Design & Engineering, Ian Wood adds:

“We are really pleased that the integral open display cabinet has achieved a good first energy grading, thanks to the Aircell technology within it. Aircell has proved itself as an innovative solution that can be deployed for air management at sustainable, low energy usage. Aircell has won multiple industry awards and has demonstrated it is a valuable asset that can significantly enhance the performance of open display cabinets. We are excited for the future with more exciting products to come.”

Rational embraces the power of online

Rational embraces the power of online

Rational’s online transformation helps the company broaden its support network.

Eye level customer relationships at industry trade fairs and nationwide cooking demonstrations are big parts of the Rational brand reputation. By rapidly adopting online processes for the company’s communications, including navigating around the pandemic restrictions, Rational has transformed its engagement model. This has been achieved by combining both physical and digital relationships, giving customers even more accessibility to the manufacturer.

As Adam Knights, Rational’s marketing director says:

“It quickly became clear that we could turn this sudden and unexpected challenge to our traditional mindset into opportunities to find new ways to engage with customers.”

This begun with the product launch of the iCombi Pro and iVario Pro cooking systems. Just weeks away from a planned live spectacle, lockdown restrictions forced Rational to launch the products to a wide-reaching audience using digital platforms. The positive response to the successful digital launch galvanised the marketing team, giving them the confidence to explore the power of online further.

Alongside a series of newly created videos introducing their cooking systems, Rational developed a series of interactive online webinars aimed at providing chefs from different sectors of the industry with specific and relevant information to their needs.

Adam continues:

“Naturally we couldn’t replicate the smell, taste, and experience of our live demonstrations, so we looked at what alternative benefits we could bring to this new Rational experience. One of the most valuable things for our customers is their time.”

With Rational holding events online, as opposed to on site, a greater number of people from the same workplace could attend without hindering their daily operation. Meanwhile their time commitment was reduced, since they didn’t have to travel, and as they were being presented with sector specific information, customers knew that the time spent would be relevant and valuable.

“Our goal was to be informative and supportive, whilst retaining efficiencies for the customer,” says Adam. “By going digital we were able to stream the new Rational experiences directly into their place of work or home, via their PCs, phones, or tablets. As a result, the number of digital event attendees this year to date has exceeded the total number that attended live events for the entirety of 2019.”

Continuing the company’s digital journey, Rational launched Expert Chef seminars. The first seminar in the series saw one of the UK’s most influential Indian chefs, Rehan Uddin of the Asian Restaurant Owners Network (ARON), showing how Rational’s cooking systems can replicate traditional Indian cooking techniques as well as allowing chefs the freedom to experiment with different methods. Following a particularly turbulent year for the foodservice and hospitality industry, Rational also launched regular seminars with expert panels discussing hot industry topics.

“As well as the expert panel knowledge, we get the live feedback and questions from attendees which helps bring these perspectives right up to date. “Being able to bring the industry together like this not only helps us to understand our customers’ needs but also, we hope, helps to inspire and encourage them.”

Having attended an online event, customers who would like to know more about Rational cooking systems have the opportunity to participate in a live demonstration, held in a local venue. This allows them to experience the Rational cooking systems first-hand, supported by a Rational professional chef.

Adam believes the potential for digital events is enormous.

“The new Rational experiences help us keep our finger on the pulse of what’s really happening in the industry. Rational has always been a chef’s company, so anything that helps us recognise the challenges and pressures chefs are facing is invaluable. The more we understand, the more we can help.”

To find out information about future events and to watch videos of past ones please visit www.rational-online.com

Rational’s new Live online events demonstrate all-day menus for Food to Go and Fresh to Go

Rational’s new Live online events demonstrate all-day menus for Food to Go and Fresh to Go

Rational has launched two new dedicated webinars, Food to Go and Fresh to Go Live online.

Food to Go Live online is targeted at convenience stores, in-store bakery, counter service and forecourts, with the event focusing on pre-prepared foods such as bread, pastries, porridge pots and wraps, showing how a huge variety of snacks and meals can be prepared in Rational’s iCombi Pro combi steamer. The Fresh to Go event looks at how operators such as butchers, delis and supermarkets can cook fresh food to go, such as roast joints, bread and bespoke ready meals, using both the iCombi Pro and the iVario Pro cooking systems.

During the online events a Rational chef demonstrates how Rational cooking systems can be used to either introduce a food to go service, or to expand an existing offer with snacks and meals throughout the day. They’ll cover breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with bread and all-day sweet and savoury snacks, and look at food delivery options. While the Rational chef gets busy cooking, an expert host is on hand to answer questions via the chat function.

Ross Crook, Rational corporate chef says:

“Food to Go has been a growing trend for many years, but the pandemic has driven it even harder, especially in terms of food delivery. These latest webinars show how the Rational cooking systems can prepare everything an operator needs for a complete food to go menu.”

A key consideration in many food to go outlets is that staff may not be trained cooks. The Live online shows how easy it is to prepare food in the Rational cooking systems, simply by following the touchscreen instructions. Since staff won’t have to monitor the food the appliances tell them when it’s cooked or when they need to take action – they can get on with other tasks such as serving customers.

During peak periods operators may be dealing with many different orders at once. The webinar covers the ability of the Rational cooking systems to cook lots of different foods simultaneously, speeding up production, saving time and reducing energy consumption. A key benefit here is that customers are happier as they don’t have to wait for long!

The Food to Go team at Rational is highly experienced. During the webinars they’ll demonstrate just how easy it is to introduce a Food to Go offer in store using Rational cooking systems, how they can enhance the existing customer offer, and how they can increase revenues.

The Live online events are free to attend and you can register at rational-online.com. To find out more, talk to your Rational representative or visit the Rational website.

RATIONAL is the leading provider in hot food preparation equipment and, with the iCombi Pro and the iVario multifunctional cooking system, the company delivers 95% of all conventional cooking applications. Rational’s ConnectedCooking allows operators to monitor, manage and update their Rational appliances remotely, from a PC, tablet or smartphone. iKitchen is the combination of the iCombi Pro, iVario Pro and ConnectedCooking – iKitchen delivers the best kitchen management and the best cooking solutions. For information and brochures, or to find out about free Rational Live online demonstrations, call +44 (0)1582 480388, freephone 0800 389 2944 or visit www.rational-online.com

Together, We Will Announces First Mental Health Awareness Training

Together, We Will Announces First Mental Health Awareness Training

 To provide a bit more background to ‘Together, We Will’  which launched on the 17th June, please see this article – https://www.cateringinsight.com/breaking-news-ceda-and-cedabond-unveil-industry-wide-csr-social-enterprise/

A big driver for the focus on Health & Wellbeing is training and education.

We have partnered with Mental Health First Aid England and secured an initial 50 spaces on their half-day, online course ‘Mental Health Aware’.

The Learning Objectives that the course will deliver are:

  • An understanding of what mental health is and how to challenge stigma
  • A basic knowledge of some common mental health issues
  • An introduction to looking after their own mental health and maintaining wellbeing
  • Confidence to offer support to someone in distress or who may be experiencing a mental health issue

This is just a starting point and we will secure further courses according to demand – it is our ambition to have at least 1 person In every organisation in our Industry undertake training.

The course will be delivered on Zoom, with 25 delegates per course and we have negotiated a price of £90 plus VAT per person – if this cost is prohibitive but you would like to take the course then please do contact us.

The times and dates for the first two courses are:

27th July 2021, 09.30-13:30


3rd August 2021, 09.30 – 13:30

If you would like to book a place, please email Fiona Mason with your preferred date – fiona@ceda.co.uk

New Social Enterprise “Together We Will” Kicks Off With An Impassioned Webinar by Clarke and Carrie Carlisle.

New Social Enterprise “Together We Will” Kicks Off With An Impassioned Webinar by Clarke and Carrie Carlisle.

New social enterprise “Together We Will” kicks off with an impassioned webinar with Clarke and Carrie Carlisle.

“Together We Will” is a social enterprise that has been set-up by ceda and Cedabond to facilitate a wide range of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives for the industry, initially focusing on Health and Wellbeing.

“Together We Will” is open to everyone in the industry and will look to engage and impact as widely as possible.

It’s hosting its first webinar on Thursday 24th June, at 11am and we are pleased to announce that we will be joined by Clarke and Carrie Carlisle.

Clarke is a former Premier League footballer, television presenter and author.

Carrie is a is a newspaper columnist, author and TV presenter.

Clarke and Carrie will speak candidly about their journey, share their experiences of mental illness and highlight their drive to remove the stigma that surrounds adverse Mental Health issues, especially within the workplace.

The Carlisles have won many accolades for their work, including the MIND Speaking Out Award in 2018, whilst their Mental Health podcast has had over 100 million downloads.

Mark Kendall, Commercial Director for Cedabond says:

“We have to support the industry’s Health & Wellbeing. And we have to start now. We’re really happy to be joined by Carrie and Clarke to help launch this industry initiative.”

The webinar is open to anyone to attend and you can secure your place by emailing fiona@ceda.co.uk