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It’s an Adande®; it works like no other fridge or freezer!

Adande Refrigerated Drawer Systems  

There has been a radical innovation in refrigeration and fridge-freezer cabinet design, the first for many years. It is a UK invention, developed by a small but fast growing company, receiving great reviews, from well-known Michelin Star restaurants through to fast food chains. In summary, Adande Drawer technology delivers significant energy savings, while bringing a whole host of ergonomic benefits to chefs and operators of commercial kitchens.

The innovation is fundamentally simple, addressing a perennial problem that everyone can relate to -with a conventional fridge or freezer, when the door or drawer is opened, cold air falls out.  The Adande Drawer system gets around this design fault by keeping the cold air in the insulated drawer along with the food, holding the temperature as set and thereby reducing energy consumption.  With Adande technology the cold air simply has nowhere to go.  This insight has now been developed commercially - Adande technology today being protected by a series of worldwide patents.

The key advantages of the Adande Drawer system are:

·       Energy Saving - averaging 40% for both fridge & freezer applications

·       Temperature Stability - food quality maintained by the ultra-stable storage temperatures

·       Operational Flexibility - a single drawer unit can operate as a fridge, freezer or blast chiller

·       Design Flexibility - the modular drawer design suits almost all kitchen footprints and now there are NEW Shallow Drawers and Locking Rollers to add even more flexibility for designers

·       Ergonomics - storage capacity at the point of use eliminates unnecessary walking about, saves time and increases productivity

·       Reliability - robust design and engineering results in very low annual running costs. With cleaning and maintenance so simple, every new Adande refrigerated drawer unit is warranted to be free of defects in manufacture and workmanship for a period of 2 years.

·       Sustainable - Adande drawer units will not be sent to landfill at the end of their useful life

The Adande system is a modular design, with each drawer operating at the optimum temperature (in the range +15 to -22 deg C) for the food being stored.  A blast chill option can be added to any drawer, to create the only fridge-freezer-blast chiller on the market today - an innovative and inexpensive solution, providing complete flexibility in just one piece of equipment. 

Why not download the latest independent test comparing ‘conventional’ and Adande refrigeration by Westminster and Kingsway College & Nick Melmoth Coombs from Fish!Kitchen, from our website today ( Or, to request a hard copy and brochure, get advice and assistance from our Sales Team, contact us on  01502 537135.