Unita Quattro

Advantage Catering Equipment Ltd

Working for our main client Stanhope PLC with their responsibilities to Ashford Borough Council and to the end user and operator Damiano Veccho, our brief was to take this 4 year old steel frame and concrete empty unit situated below a new cinema complex through to a completed restaurant.

The restaurant had to be a family friendly destination but also suitable for friends and working colleagues to meet and enjoy the fresh pasta and pizza all made from scratch on site.

It further had to have a large bar area where future plans are to provide mixology lessons to the public and a front of house pasta making workshop where fresh pasta and Italian breads are to be made for use in the restaurant and lessons given.

There are ample cold storage facilities, working areas and appliances back of house had to be provided as longer term plans to develop a fresh pasta delivery service locally and maybe by mail order.

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Unita Quattro