ceda members developing an apprenticeship for catering equipment service engineers

ceda members take the first step to developing an apprenticeship for catering equipment service engineers

The commercial catering market has increased steadily over recent years with Out Of Home eating increasing dramatically over the last 30 years. In 1989 only 10% of consumers dined out at least once a month whereas in 2015 this had risen to 67% (Source – Mintel PWC consumer survey). In this time catering equipment has become more sophisticated and menu specific and therefore it requires more complex maintenance and breakdowns are much more disruptive to a business so response times have had to improve dramatically from 2 or 3 days during week days to same day or within 24 hours – 7 days a week. Catering operators, who historically only saw an engineer if a piece of equipment occasionally broke down, now recognise the need for regular preventive maintenance. Alongside this, many regulations have become much tighter (Gas Regulations, Health and Safety Regulations etc.)

Thirty years ago a catering equipment maintenance technician required very few skills or accreditations. A basic knowledge of gas, electricity and plumbing were adequate to cope with relatively simple technology.

A combination of all these factors has led to a demand for more technicians with greater knowledge and skill sets than in the past and a survey carried out by ceda amongst its members in 2016 showed that over 75% were currently looking to recruit engineers either to replace retiring/leaving personnel or to cope with the increased demand.

ceda recognised the problem several years ago and sought to create an apprenticeship for service engineers. In 2002 one was established at Salisbury College, however, it was short lived due to the regional nature of funding at that time. Since then the basis of apprenticeships has changed from being led by educational/training providers and based on formal qualifications to now being led by employers to ensure that apprentices learn the knowledge and skills to meet their requirements.

ceda has been instrumental in creating a Trailblazer Group of 11 members to develop an apprenticeship standard for a Catering Equipment Technician. The group had its first meeting on the 30th August and with the help of an advisor from the Institute of Apprenticeships produced a draft proposal which is 95% complete and will be completed in time to be submitted by the deadline of 26th September.

If any other ceda members would like to become part of the trailblazer group they should initially contact Peter Kay peterkay@ceda.co.uk

When we submit our proposal to develop a standard, we need to upload two advertisements where companies are looking to recruit engineers. Could members also to send Peter Kay copies of any recent adverts that they have placed?

Regale Microwave Ovens launch Microsave® CPS3A Cavity Liner

Regale Microwave Ovens launch Microsave® CPS3A Cavity Liner

ceda Silver Partner, Regale Microwave Ovens have just launched a new product.

The new Microsave® CPS3A Cavity liner for the new innovated 1800watt output microwave oven by Panasonic which has a stainless steel outer door, is ideal for front of house as well as very busy kitchens. Using the brand new to commercial microwave ovens INVERTER technology which not only makes the microwave oven 12 kilos lighter than any other high powered microwave oven but also gives a far smoother cook pattern with no cold spots and gives a saving of 6% less on energy costs!

The inner door is made of steel, with no seals or ridges, making it easy to clean and helps to avoid most unnecessary door repairs. The new Microsave® Cavity Liner makes it the ‘ultimate clean machine’ where all parts not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty are protected.

For the launch of the Panasonic NE1878 commercial microwave oven, Regale are giving away the CPS3A Cavity Liner worth £69.00. Regale will unbox the microwave, check it over, place a Microsave® CPS3A inside the cavity with all instructions, correctly re-box the microwave and send out on a free next working day service. This will be a limited offer over the next three months. Attached are the full details.

Gain a Level 4 Certificate in Catering Gas Management in Catering Premises

Gain a Level 4 Certificate in Catering Gas Management in Catering Premise

ceda has worked with Logic Certification to develop the Level 4 Certificate in Catering Gas Management in Catering Premises which is now being delivered by training provider SGAS, based in Blackpool.

This qualification has been designed specifically for people who are responsible for the management of gas engineers and contractors but who do not hold a gas qualification themselves, so is therefore suitable for service managers and project managers/supervisors.

The course was recently completed by Stewart Shaw (second from left on picture) and Simon Mallett (right on picture) of Caterware. Simon said, “The completion of the course has given me a greater understanding of gas safety and the confidence to discuss and challenge gas engineers and contractors moving forward”.

Course info available here

Venue: SGAS, Blackpool
Contact: Steve Johnston steve@sgas.co.uk
Attendance: 6 x 1 day sessions @ SGAS (1 x day per month), plus some additional research work (approx. 6 hours per month)
Costs: £1260 + VAT per delegate

Limited space on Approved Catering Equipment Installer accreditation course

Limited space on Approved Catering Equipment Installer accreditation course

In conjunction with the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) we have organised a one day training course and exam to enable engineers to gain the “Approved Catering Equipment Installer” accreditation.

The “Approved Catering Equipment Installer” accreditation is an industry specific version of the Water Industry Approved Plumber Scheme (WIAPS) which is becoming a requirement of many larger customers for service and installation engineers.

The course is to be held in Brackley, Northamptonshire on 11th September. Due to a last minute cancellation we have at least one place available. The cost of the course is £60 plus a further £60 to register successful candidates with the appropriate water company.

The course is open to subcontractors to ceda members as well as their own engineers.  For more information contact Peter Kay peterkay@ceda.co.uk or 07770 848798.

Apeiron Catering Engineers join ceda as a Service Member

Apeiron Catering Engineers join ceda as a Service Member

We are pleased to announce that Apeiron Catering Engineers have joined ceda as a Service Member.

Apeiron Catering Engineers endeavour to lead the way in their goal of infinite customer care, continued support and ongoing commitment to clients. Their response, knowledge of equipment, turn around on repairs requiring parts and communication stand them out from the crowd. They offer service repairs, maintenance contracts, sales, installations and projects and are only a phone call away. Covering a large area over the South coast they are here to help.

Explaining why they decided to join ceda, Apeiron Director, Steve McEwen said, “We decided to apply to join ceda as we realise the importance of ceda as an industry body benefits its members through community, technical knowledge and communications which we would otherwise not be a part of.

“As a former Technical Steering Group member with ceda I see the benefit of having the register of qualified engineers, industry bulletins and technical conference where as an industry we can strive to drive standards forward.”

Find out more about Apeiron Catering Engineers on their website: www.apeironcatering.co.uk

KCCJ re-join as ceda Members

KCCJ re-join as ceda Members

We are delighted that KCCJ have re-joined ceda as Full Members.

KCCJ are specialists in commercial kitchen design, planning and installation of quality catering equipment facilities for UK restaurants, hotels, leisure centres and schools.

They create and inspire food service solutions that deliver business success. Their services include:

– catering equipment supply
– concept and menu development
– commercial kitchen design
– front of house
– food service premises construction

KCCJ’s mission is to be a trusted partner in the creation of a food service experience that wows the customer; to source or develop the most innovative and cost effective catering products and solutions in the market; to empower your staff to deliver a superior quality service; to make your business stand out from the crowd and be a financial success.

Of the decision to re-join ceda KCCJ Managing Director, Kevin Slatter said, “Following on from the restructuring of ceda and comments/statements made by others we felt the time was right to re-join. Having the association with this recognised body within the industry will enhance the services KCCJ offer.”

Find out more about KCCJ on their website: www.kccj.co.uk

Synergy Grill become ceda Silver Partner

Synergy Grill become ceda Silver Partner

We are delighted to announce Synergy Grill as a ceda Silver Partner.

The Synergy Grill is the world’s first and only fat atomizing commercial char grill.  Its key attributes lie within its patented design, that reduces fuel consumption on average by 59% (BSI – tested), eliminates the need for a fat tray, therefore offers substantially reduced cleaning costs and has no fat of which to dispose. At the same time, it delivers an enhanced quality of cooked food in terms of taste, succulence and reduced shrinkage. The internationally award-winning grills are to be found in over 700 commercial kitchens in the UK and are increasingly finding a home overseas.  The launch of the new “outdoor mobile cook station” for outdoor events has been very well received this summer and is an example of Synergy’s continual search to innovate and provide world leading products into the market.

As a world-leading technology in its niche market Synergy Grill are looking forward to working with ceda and its members to stimulate industry interest in their products still further, especially with those industry players that that ceda represents where quality of products, delivery and service are paramount.

Synergy Grill Chairman, Justin Cadbury, said,“We are proud to win this appointment with ceda and will continue to bring the innovation grill technology to our colleagues in the industry for which we are recognised. We believe that the challenges of rising costs for the restaurant owners and more discerning diners combine so we can give the key specifiers the products and technology more suited to the future.”

Find out more about Synergy Grill by visiting synergygrill.com

Are you struggling with Blue Tape?

Are you struggling with Blue Tape?

HSE are concerned at the amount of “Blue Tape” that businesses have to cope with. Blue Tape is similar to Red Tape but instead of being generated by Government, it is created by business on business.

If you are being asked to jump through hoops by customers in the name of Health and Safety and you consider the requests to be unnecessary or unreasonable, then you can report it to the HSE who are keen to address the problem. You can email them details to jeremy.bevan@hse.gov.uk and we would appreciate it if you could copy peterkay@ceda.co.uk in to the email.

For your information, ceda is working on a standard subcontractor response form and any information that you provide will help us with the development of this.

The Offensive Weapons Bill

The Offensive Weapons Bill

This draft bill, whilst well intentioned, will make it impossible for self-employed tradesmen to have bladed tools delivered to their residence which means that online retailers will not be able to send chef’s knives through their usual postal delivery methods. A petition has been started to try to change the bill.

CESA have highlighted the following and asked us to inform our members:

After numerous representations to the Home Office and Metropolitan Police offering multiple solutions that will reduce availability of blades to those who wish to use them as weapons, the Government have persisted with a misinformed proposal which is at best misguided and at worst dangerous.

This draft new law will make it impossible for self-employed tradesmen to have bladed tools delivered to their residence, hobbyists to acquire specialist tools that over-the-counter retailers could not justify stocking and furthermore, it contravenes the human rights of the house bound and the infirm unable to travel to bricks and mortar shops.

On behalf of our industry, CESA appeal to you not just to sign this petition but to also write to your MP to ask that they support the removal of Section 15.

Please click the link below to sign the petition

“Remove article 15 of the Offensive Weapons Bill (HC Bill 232)”

LF releases two new coffee catalogues

LF releases two new coffee catalogues

ceda Silver Partner, LF Spare Parts, widens it’s offering of spare parts and accessories for baristas and releases two new catalogues.

The LF offering of spare parts for coffee machines and barista tools continues to expand year after year, now reaching 20,000 items which are always available from stock.

All these articles are at your disposal and can be found on the LF Webshop and in the “LF Group” app for smartphone and tablets. Here you can view technical data, 360° pictures, the available quantity, compatibility, manufacturer’s code and price.

To present the most innovative accessories for baristas and a selection of the most requested parts in the market, LF has recently released two new catalogues: “Barista Tools 2018” and “Top Sellers Coffee Machines 2018”.

The digital version of the catalogues are available on www.lfspareparts724.co.uk. Found in the CATALOGUES menu, you can add selected items directly to the shopping cart.

In addition if you wish to view all LF has to offer in the coffee sector, with all the manufacturer’s codes and exploded drawings, the “Spare Parts for Coffee Machines” catalogue is also available.

LF is not only digital: to meet customers and present the latest news LF exhibits every year at several exhibitions all over the world. The next events are PIR in Moscow, Russia (24-27 September), Coteca in Hamburg, Germany (10-12 October) and Triestespresso in Trieste, Italy (25-27 October).

We look forward to working with you.

For further informationplease email info@lfspareparts.co.uk