We supplied and installed a Lincat Q90 island cooksuite in 2014 and are having ever greater problems in finding spare parts since Lincat decided to terminate their relationship with the Giga factory in Italy. Does anyone know where there is a reliable source for Q90 spares? Lincat, Middleby and First Choice have not been able to help us.


  1. Try Euro catering – 01455 559969.
  2. Try GEV or LF Spares…
  3. Try GEV or LF Spares…
  4. I can help to some degree, many of the components in figs Q90 were changed by Lincat and don’t always correspond.  However with right info I can help out.  I have a good relationship with the Italian factory.Kind regards,Amjad AlikhanGeneral Catering Ltd
    Unit 6 Croft court
    DN3 1QL
    Tel: 01302 340742
  5. E mail the factory in Italy for UK agent, google will translate?
    Try Commercial Catering Spares possibly .
  6. Contact Richard Fordham –
  7. Try GEV 01476 583922. I would also be asking Lincat what they propose to do about it.
  8. They could try cater parts, they are not always thought of as spares partners for catering equipment but they do have a tie in with the Italian manufactures and do a lot of Italian kit , both washware and catering or possibly LF spares again they are big on the Italian front and have a very good web site

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Could you ask if any other CEDA member has been asked to provide the following when doing a kitchen refurbishment (this is a one off not part of a full building refurbishment)          Provide an electronic signing-in system that monitors and measures staff attendance levels as detailed in supplier’s tender submission.          Provide a web based quality monitoring and reporting system in which client can access reports through a self-service portal as detailed in [insert name of successful supplier’s] tender submission.

I know Mace and other main contractors do this, but for a simple Kitchen house for a £100k kitchen it’s a bit ‘sledge hammer – nut’ – unless this IS what’s being asked and how do other CEDA members provide this?


  1. As far as I’m aware we’ve never been asked, if this is through a main contractor could they “piggy back” on their system ?

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Kit Out The Kitchen: advisory panel invitation to ceda Members

ceda Members have been invited to attend an advisory panel for The Professional Kitchen Show...

Dear ceda Member,

I would like to invite you to attend a special advisory session to discuss the future development of The Professional Kitchen Show.

As you are no doubt aware, The Professional Kitchen Show is the new name for the catering equipment event at Hotelympia. In recent months we have been considering how best to develop this new brand and how to improve the quality of the buying audience attending this and our sister event in Birmingham, The Hospitality Show.

We are now able to share with you more details about our strategy and the significant investment we are looking to make to develop these events as well as the opportunities to introduce new products and services to complement them.

In order for us to make these important decisions we would like to invite you to attend an advisory session at ExCeL on the 16th of January 2018.

The session will be preceded by a buffet lunch from 12.30pm, followed by a presentation by myself and an open forum to discuss our plans and hear any suggestions about how these might be developed. We will aim to conclude the session at 2.30pm.

Please can you RSVP to Lyndsey Martin as soon as conveniently possible.

I look forward to seeing you on the 16th January.

All the best,

Ross Carter
Event Director



We are doing the kitchen and servery consultancy for a new build and as part of the tender have been asked for a “statement of non-compliance”.

Could any of the members help as Lendlease has not explained anymore detail on what we need to put in the statement?


  1. I think this would possibly need someone with legal knowledge.
  2. I would imagine that this is a statement of where the supplier has quoted an alternative specification (ie has not complied with the tender specification)
  3. I have had a conversation with our ISO adviser and we would suggest the following:What to Include in a Non-conformance StatementThe statement of non-conformance should be concise, self-explanatory, and related to the process. It should not restate the audit evidence. Instead, it should record the requirement against which the non-conformance was detected.A non-conformance statement should include three distinct parts:
    • Non-conformance: Clearly define and document the systemic failure within the non-conformance.
    • Objective evidence: Quote the appropriate standard clause, work instruction, procedure or process requirement.
    • Stated requirement: What objective evidence is/was used to indicate a non-conformance existed? What record, document, procedure was used to verify existence of a non-conformance?

    I would suggest that the member would respond by stating that any areas of non-compliance will be:


    • Any non-conformance will be Clearly defined and documented.
    • The appropriate standard, clause, work instruction, procedure or process requirement will be stated.
    • Records, documents and procedures that were used to verify existence of a non-conformance will be listed.

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Commercial Catering Spares Ltd acquired by GEV Group

Commercial Catering Spares Ltd acquired by GEV Group

ceda Silver Partner Commercial Catering Spares Ltd has been acquired by GEV Group.

GEV & CCS: More stock, more availability, less time

GEV GROUP are pleased to announce the acquisition of Commercial Catering Spares Ltd, consequently providing the largest stock-holding availability for delivery next day anywhere within the UK.

The strategic purchase of CCS grows the GEV GROUP’s presence in the UK. By continuing to supply the OEM parts through CCS, the acquisition supports GEV’s growth strategy with an emphasis on OEM parts specifically in the UK – and, in addition,for all international markets.

The huge range of parts held by GEV as well as further investments in stock, warehousing operations and IT systems will position the company in the market with a comprehensive spare parts solution required by existing and new UK customers, irrespective of their size.

Both the GEV UK office and CCS will be managed by Jonathan Booth, current Managing Director of CCS, and will continue to be run from their Heywood site. Alexander Wiegand, GEV’s Managing Director, commented: “We are pleased and proud to welcome Jonathan Booth and his highly qualified team as the latest member of the GEV Group. Jonathan has grown CCS over the last 20 years to be one of the leading catering spare parts companies in the UK. We are convinced the strengths of both companies will create an engine for long-term growth”.

Jonathan Booth commented that the spares market in the UK is changing and: “I am glad to join the GEV GROUP and am convinced this will further strengthen CCS’s competitive position. I hope the industry will embrace this move to further improve service levels and to promote OEM parts”.

ceda Chairman's Christmas message

To Members

It has been a year that, in one sense, has flown by and in another sense seems to have lasted a decade. ceda plans, research and ideas continue to come to fruition and we are really delivering our ceda 2022 Development Strategy to take us through to our 50th Anniversary.

The ceda Confidence Survey has continued to show consistent, positive feedback in terms of growth and sustainability for the overwhelming majority of Members businesses which is pleasing.

The major piece of work being the rebrand that was undertaken and we are receiving positive feedback from the membership and wider industry already.

Our presence at Commercial Kitchen Show and Lunch!, in addition to industry events such as; the LACA Conference, the NACC Forum, ASSIST FM Conference and Cost Sector Catering Awards etc has grown and with it so has our ability to inform end-users, operators and customers of the outstanding work that ceda Members undertake.

Membership numbers have grown by 10% and we are better engaged with Members than ever before – this was demonstrated with record Member attendance at November Regional Meetings and the ceda Academy.

Our appointment of Creation ADM to deliver our marketing plans and objectives is another really positive step and development work is being undertaken that will see brand new websites, increased social media activity, more video, more photography and increased presence at exhibitions ramp up in the New Year.

On the technical side, the suite of documents now available in the Members Area of the website has grown – all having a real and positive impact on Members businesses. And the publication of the Solid Fuel Guidance document was a fantastic output for the Association.

All in all, a positive year with lots accomplished and lots still to do.

I close with a quote, published in the industry press, from a company that has joined ceda in the last few months;

“To round off an eventful 12 months we accepted the kind invitation to join ceda, which has undergone an incredibly positive transformation. This is now an essential affiliation for any distributor to have and it’s reassuring to have ceda’s backing in our armoury.”

The culture of ceda has changed and 2018 will see us communicate this to the wider industry, as never before.

I thank you for supporting me as your Chair since April, a position I am proud to hold.

May I wish you and your families a happy and peaceful Christmas and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Mark Kendall,
ceda Chairman



We are looking for a “Slider” Induction Hob which can be fitted into the underside of a service counter which is finished in marble or granite. They do not want the ceramic plate itself to be visible?

Does anyone know if such a product is available on the market suitable for this, and if so who would supply it?


  1. Induced Energy and MCS both do them to my knowledge.
  2. I would suggest Induced Energy, will be able to assist.Nic BannerSales DirectorInduced Energy LimitedMob:    07788 714599


  3. MCS Technical Products –
  4. I can only think to suggest contacting MCS Technical Products in Swindon who are very much into niche and bespoke induction products. But I would think that the member has probably already approached them?Alternatively, maybe buy a standard shallow profile induction hob and ask their fabricators to make a roller carriage cassette to accept such a unit?
  5. Try Craig @ Induced Energy. Really good product and a really helpful chap. Craig Sanders (
  6. I believe MCS do these kind of induction hobs that go under the granite.
  7. Yes, Cooktek do a Selenzio Inductione (or similar) which works below the surface and is invisible – also Grande Cuisine do a version as does Catertherm.
  8. Induced energy will be the best for this.
  9. Controlled Energy. They don’t like selling them if they not building the unit, but you can try.
  10. MCS produce an induction based undercounter warmer that will worth through most stones and composite materials.
    It is just a warmer rather than a cooker but a good place for them to start discussions.
  11. Ask them to call MCS Technical, product spec as below:
  12. The only way I am aware of doing that for COOKING (not holding) is using the induced energy unit, however typically this needs to be under pyrolave talk to induced energy.
    If just holding cookteck by MCS technical using the incognito is the other option but only for holding.
  13. Take a look at the following as they mention a slider.
  14. Contact Peter Rigby of MCS Technical Products for the Cooktek induction products to solve their under-surface induction solution.
  15. Grande Cuisine do some excellent units that will go under stone / granite – they are only for keeping hot – not for cooking, but your member is probably aware of this limitation

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A BIG ceda Thanks!

Last week we concluded five weeks of meetings and want to say a big thank you for your attendance, support and input.

On consecutive Wednesdays we had Technical Group, Southern Regional, Northern Regional, Academy and Board meetings, all of which had record numbers of Members attending.

The outputs for ceda are really significant and we are already moving forward on some exciting projects as a direct result of the views and ideas that you shared.

We feel better engaged with Members than ever before and can really deliver positive solutions for you and your business as a result of this.

So a BIG ceda thanks to you all!

ceda Members Personal Invitation To Smeg Launch Event - 16th & 17th January 2018

ceda Silver Partner Smeg Foodservice wish to invite ceda members to an exciting launch event at their new commercial showroom and training facility in the New Year...

Please RSVP to



I am searching for a 300mm slicer for spares, model is Sirman / Canova / Ital, CNV300AFFR in particular I need the meat carrier and spike. Can any of our members help?


  1. Have you tried First Choice who may be able to supply?
  2. FEM are the Sirman company in the UK.
  3. The UK distributor FEM  hold spares (foodservice equipment marketing Ltd). Telephone 01355 244111
  4. FEM supply these, I’m sure they could help?
  5. FEM are distributors for Sirman.
  6. Try FEM – I would think they are agents for Sirman brand.
  7. I have attached drawings, FEM can supply the parts.Cnv-ce-4.pdfCnv-std-ce-3..pdf





  8. Spares can be purchased via FEM, who run the agency. Tel no: 01355 244 111
  9. We often use LF Spares for Sirman/Ital parts.Exploded diagrams are also available on the website.
  10.  think Ital products are sold by Nisbets/RB Distributors, Uropa.
  11. I’ve attached drawings from August 2016 onwards, I take it you are meaning 002, the Meat Press, p/n 19801235, this has the spikes, but I’m not sure what you mean by ‘meat carrier’.Canova-300-From-August-2016-Parts-Breakdown.xlsxCanova-300-From-August-2016-Parts-Diagram.pdf
  12. I would have thought Firstchoice would stock, if not them RB as this is one of the Uropa brands.

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