Update on how we’re supporting the Foodservice Equipment Industry

Please see below some updated details that you may find useful at this time.

If you need any support further to the below then do please contact us directly.


We continue to communicate with Government Departments stating our case for the introduction of further and increased measures to support our Members and our Industry.

We have this week written and spoken to the Chancellor, Treasury and BEIS with the following requests:

  • Recognise that once the hospitality industry reopens, they will need a strong supply-chain to support their re-emergence and return to growth and profitability
  • In order to achieve this, we need measures that have been introduced to support the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors extended to the supply-chains – specifically a) business rates holidays for 6-12 months and b) access to cash grants rather than loans – and with immediate effect
  • Those businesses with Insurance policies that include cover for ‘notifiable diseases’ should be paid out for business interruption when their businesses have been directly affected by Coronavirus C0VID-19.
  • Build UK – we continue to work with Build UK to support Members who are working in the Construction Industry. We have supplied information that is included on their dedicated Coronavirus webpage that is very comprehensive. Information includes; up to date Government Guidance, support available to business, guidance on contractual issues caused by Coronavirus and an essential worker template letter amongst much more. It is a comprehensive directory of information and valuable whether you work in the construction sector or not – https://builduk.org/coronavirus/

Business Support

  • We have put in place an Emergency HR Support Service which every Member can use – details have been sent in previous emails but if you require information just ask. One hour of free telephone and email support is available to ceda Members.
  • We have issued a number of HR Updates, Guidance Documents and Template Policies and we will continue to develop this where appropriate – if you require anything additionally, please ask.
  • We have delivered 2 x HR Support Webinars this week that have been very well received by those that have participated – we are happy to run more next week if there is demand – just let us know.
  • We have produced a number of technical documents relating to the outbreak, including;
    • Guidance for Catering Operators: Commercial Dishwashers and E coli O157
    • Guidance Document No.16: Safe Rinse Temperatures in Commercial Dishwashers
    • Guidance Document No.27: Chemical Disinfection
    • Guidance Document No. 30 – Decommissioning a Commercial Kitchen

Again, if there are other areas we could focus on to support you, let us know.


We recognise that our engagement with people will be important in the coming days and weeks and as such, that will be an area of focus for us.

  • We will be launching a series of webinars to include past Conference speakers and other third parties delivering online business presentations and sessions with ceda Members and Partners
  • We have written to ceda Partners to see who would like to host sales/service/technical videos on their equipment – we are collating this and will send out details next week
  • We have a Members Only LinkedIn Group – if you would like to be added, please ask
  • There is an Industry WhatsApp Group that has been set up by a ceda Member that we are happy to promote and be a part of – again if you would like to be involved just ask
  • We will launch ‘Members Connected’ Video calls which will allow Members to talk to each other about their own experiences, thoughts, views and hep support each other through this time.

As none of the above is within the realms of anyone’s normal working life and is not compulsory, you will be able to extend an invitation to furloughed workers to participate should they wish.

We are working hard to be a positive force, a community and provide information, support and guidance. If you need anything more from us, please ask and if we can deliver it then we will.