We are due to renew our energy contract and wondered if any members could recommend a company they have used and are happy with?


  1. BCR Associates deal with larger business but have now moved transferred their smaller contracts over to who have helped us find a better contract.
  2. Some offer a dual discount if they have both gas and electric, but I swapped to British Gas last Feb and found them very reasonable on price. They used to have a bad name back in the day but seem to be a lot better of late.
  3. We use Octopus Energy as they seemed to have the cheapest rates for us. Simple to sign up with them direct and it skips any brokers fees, which are unnecessary. £100 credit on the account for any company that signs up using this link:
  4. We have used McGrady Clarke for the last couple of years and have found them to be excellent, contact details as follows:
    Theodore Clarke
  5. he’s pretty thorough and we ended up with the best prices from him.