The new MKN FlexiChef: smart cooking. smart cleaning.

High Performance redefined
With the new FlexiChef 2.0, ceda Silver Partner, MKN, presents a new generation of this popular multifunctional appliance. The new FlexiChef has been extensively optimised and is faster than ever in almost every respect. It optimises time, space, efficiency, quality, cost-effectiveness and motivation for chefs in professional kitchens.

A notable highlight is that the FlexiChef remains the only cooking appliance equipped with a skillet pan having its own automatic cleaning system. Besides the regular cleaning cycle at the end of the day, SpaceClean can perform automatic intermediate cleaning which takes two minutes only. This feature is exemplary for important standard requirements in professional kitchens in the future.

The new FlexiChef is not only more efficient and flexible than its predecessor, it is also extremely easy to install. The cutting edge touch screen operating system MagicPilot is so intuitive and dynamic that even untrained chefs don’t have any problems using it. Together
with various support functions and a higher degree of automation, it is part of the new MKN Guided Cooking concept for achieving culinary excellence in every professional kitchen.

SmartBoiling is a new, energy-saving water boiling process, accessed directly as quick start function from the home screen. Standard features such as internet compatibility and Connected Kitchen cater for networking appliances and optimum equipment management. In addition, installation as well as power and water supply lines have been considerably redesigned and simplified.

The FlexiChef 2.0 redefines the high performance of its predecessor as it strives to continue its success story of the past years in the future.