ceda's ignite digital magazine launches to showcase members' and partners' products and services

ceda's ignite digital magazine launches to showcase members' and partners' products and services

Hot on the heels of our connected digital magazine, the latest issue of which you can view here, we are delighted to be launching its sister publication ignite today.

Ignite will allow up to six ceda members per issue to showcase a project of their choosing and by doing so, promote your company and your services to a carefully selected, quantified audience of over 10000 end user operators.

Intentionally launching to coincide with the gradual easing of the UK’s lockdown and the reawakening of many dormant operator-led businesses in April,  Ignite is the ideal platform in which ceda members can utilise to increase their company’s presence in the highly competitive, operator-led industries.

Ignite also reinforces a core ceda belief in representing all of our 100+ members equally and every member is encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity.  We have created a dedicated microsite packed full of information, a sample magazine and simple submission form, which you can find here. 

Ignite also benefits our ceda partners.  In every project submitted by a ceda partner, there is an opportunity for them to name the supply partners, without whom these superb projects will never have seen the light of day.  You are partners to ceda by definition.  We have created the following interactive advertisers guide for any ceda partner to read and take advantage of.

If any ceda member or partner has any questions, please email us on cedaconnect@ceda.com.

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ceda announces two brand new e-publications!

ceda announces two brand new e-publications!

ceda is delighted to announce that two new e-publications will be launching in the next few months.

Connected will be packed full of informative, engaging articles to support both Members and the wider industry, at a time when this has never been more needed.  As with all ceda activities however, the overall focus is to look at a brighter future, what opportunities already do and soon will exist.  In fact, innovation is the overall theme of Connected’s first edition, which will be launched at the end of February.

Anyone interested in Connected is encouraged to visit our brand new website https://ceda.co.uk/letsconnect/what-is-connected-magazine, where you can flick through a sample magazine.

Connected’s sister publication is called Ignite.  With a planned launch date of late March, Ignite’s focus is to showcase the exceptional work our Members and Partners consistently carry out in every sector they operate in.  With no cost for any Member to be included, everyone is encouraged to take up this opportunity to promote their company and services, in the knowledge that Ignite will be distributed to up to 15,000 key influencers and decision makers operating in operator or client-based roles.  With the strong likelihood of a sustained and strong rebound in these sectors most badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a pent-up demand for the services of our Members and Approved Partners.

Anyone interested in learning more about Ignite can do so by clicking on this link: https://ceda.co.uk/letsconnect/what-is-ignite-magazine/. If any Member has a project they are particularly proud of and wish to showcase, the following link will take you to the simple form: https://ceda.co.uk/letsconnect/showcase-your-project/