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We want to celebrate our members and showcase their work, through stunning imagery and creative writing. If you're proud of your project, no matter the size, scope or budget, we'd like to see what you've got!

Simply fill in the form below and send a minimum of 7 different high resolution images (jpegs / png) with a brief overview of the project.

As ignite features full page images as a part of each showcase, you’ll need to ensure that they meet certain criteria. As a guide, here’s what you should be aiming for:

Images should be high resolution - ideally 300dpi - and 1mb size.

Please ensure that images are clear, crisp and, most importantly, in focus.

Make sure that the images you supply are clear from clutter. For example, no cleaning products or equipment, waste bins and food packaging and any protective wrapping on installed equipment should be removed.

You can even include quality video clips it they help tell the story. We will curate these images, amend copy where necessary and include them in the next appropriate publication.

Please ensure that you nominate your suppliers so we can recognise their wonderful contribution to your stunning projects.

Send us your work (ignite)

Maximum file size: 20MB