Sprint Group – On the Subject of Recycling and Environmental Management

It would be easy for Sprint Group to claim the high ground on environmental responsibility.  For years, we’ve been helping reduce waste with our reconditioning and repair service, as well as reclaiming condemned items and, after a thorough going over by our team of engineers, putting them back into service as safe and functional loan equipment.

We’ve also been keeping rubbish out of landfill by taking packaging away from customers’ sites at our own expense and ensuring they go to a local partner where over 96% of all our packaging waste is being recycled.  In 2018, we made our commitment to environmental management official by obtaining ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management certification and we continue to improve our recycling, with our focus this year on getting better results for refrigeration and WEEE items.

But the fact is that, for Sprint, environmental management is driven by three factors.  First, we believe that it’s just good business sense.  Not only does our certification open doors for us, commercially, but it’s only logical to make the most efficient use possible of the resources at hand.  Reducing waste and re-using products safely and appropriately not only saves us money and time, but also makes sure that we can offer our service to our customers at the most competitive prices.

Second, good environmental management communicates something important to our customers about who we are.  Taking away waste, packaging and old parts means that the only thing Sprint leaves in its wake is the best possible kitchen. Our customers want to be cooking great food for their customers, not tidying up mess.  Our environmental management means customers spend more time doing what matters to them.

And third, it makes ethical sense.  Whatever anyone feels about climate change, it’s impossible not to agree that tidy workplaces, clean streets and the most efficient use of our resources is a positive thing.  Everyone would rather see a tree than a landfill.  Sprint’s environmental management plan means less landfill and more trees and it’s really as simple as that.

If you’d like to chat with Sprint Group on the subject of recycling and environmental management, or anything else, please call the team on 01386 555922 or email sales@sprint-group.co.uk for more information on how they can design and fit the perfect commercial kitchen for your business.

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