Revolutionise your operation with XpressChef™ High Speed Ovens!

The advanced range of XpressChef™ high speed ovens from ACP Inc. have the power and performance to consistently deliver high quality food, in a fraction of the time – even during peak periods. With simplified menu management and controls that can be used by staff of any skill level, the XpressChef™ range can take your operation to the next level.

XpressChef™ 3i – Smarter, Safer, Faster

If you’re looking for a front of the house ‘everything’ oven, the XpressChef™ 3i is it. Sure it cooks lightning fast – but it’s the quality, consistency, versatility, and ease of use that will grab your attention. Grill, bake, steam and toast with ease. Pizza, panini’s, toasted sandwiches, entrées, apps – you name it, the XpressChef™ 3i cooks it – to perfection. It’s ventless. So, you can locate the oven almost anywhere.

The best part is how easy the oven is to use. Anyone can operate this oven. No matter how busy you get, you’ll get consistently delicious results every time.

XpressChef™ 4i – Speed never looked or tasted so good

The XpressChef™ 4i is designed to satisfy even the most discriminating chefs and operators looking for a high volume oven anyone can operate with ease. Fast cooking with versatility – you can grill, bake, steam and toast. There’s even a panini press option for high volume sandwich menus. Equally at home on the front counter or ‘back of the house’, it’s certified ventless which means you can locate the oven almost anywhere. The XpressChef™ 4i features our best in class 7″ True Touch™ – high definition, drag-and-drop, smart-phone easy to use, touchscreen control. Plus our remote Menu Management app, wifi, ethernet and Smart USB are all standard equipment.


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