CookTek Ranges

CookTek Helios Countertop Induction
CookTeks next generation of countertop induction is here. 12 models in the Helios range, including front to back, side by side, singles and woks. We have different power ratings, from 2.5kW, 3.0kW and 3.5kW per heat zone, all single phase. All very controllable with 100 power and temperature settings, colour touch screen and a dial knob for complete control, and loads of other features. All with NSF Approval, and come with a five year parts and labour warranty.

CookTek Heritage Helios drop-in range
The CookTek Heritage Helios drop-in range and me mounted flush or proud. Available in twins both front to back and side by side, singles and woks. All are very controllable with 20 power settings and 22 temperature settings. They all have the options of coming with 2.5kW, 3.0kW or 3.5kW per heat zone. CookTek induction is 2x more powerful than an electric burner with same plug. Temperature range from 30ºC – 260ºC, with even heat distribution across the bottom of the cookware. All come with the option of either the standard control or the suited control, and a five year parts and labour warranty.

CookTek Induction Buffet range
CookTek Induction Buffet range consists of the visible and hidden units. All keeps food at a constant temperature, keeping the food hot. Incogneeto is the ONLY hidden buffet induction unit that you set by temperature required. Not by power rating. Then when you pack everything away after service, there is no evidence. Works under many surfaces. The visible Silenzio range is available in square and round. More economical to run than chafing fuel, safer, plus no naked flames, no more storing, ordering and disposing of the chafing canisters, and much cleaner. Also in the range is the SinAqua. Induction powered, no water or drainage required, constant temperature. Available in G/N 1/1 size and two round versions.