I have a customer who has a smashed door glass in a Hobart combi that parts are now obsolete. The customer does not have the budget to replace the combi so has asked me to try and find a second-hand replacement door for a Hobart – CSD2012E – 81832919

Can you ask the membership if anyone has one for spares or scrap? Thank you.


  1.  Try Caterquip – Tel: 01733 777777
  2. A member has said they have posted on the engineer’s forum for you.
  3. Could Ramco help? View:
  4. My first thought would be to contact Hobart themselves; we deal with them quite a lot and they are always very accommodating. may be able to help.
  5. I don’t have one but there is a company in Bridgend called M&M catering and they do a lot of hire and also buy in second hand machines they may have something.
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