How are all responding on costs for projects thereafter Brexit deadline suggested October 2019 when being requested to provide fixed costs?


1. We are telling clients that we will order before 31 October and store at client cost with off-site valuation or we cannot fix costs.

2. We have spoken to all of our supplier manufacturers that bring the equipment in from Europe and they have suggested to us that they will not and cannot guarantee prices. They have suggested as much as a 10% increase could be levied just down to the currency fluctuations and more for new tariffs if no deal is reached.

3. We’ve added a standard clause detailing;

1) Any tarifs that maybe imposed after 31st October will be added to existing quotes as appropriate.

2) Given the slide in the value of the £ it’s possible that manufacturers may impose price increases with little or no notice, should these happen they will be applied to exiting quote.

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