Synergy Grill Technology seal an exclusive spare parts and accessories deal with First Choice Group

ceda Silver Partner, Synergy Grill Technology, is delighted to announce that their entire spare parts and accessories range will be exclusively supplied by the UK’s number one spare parts provider, First Choice Group. This is thanks to a Master Distribution Agreement (MDA) which will see First Choice Group stock the UK’s largest quantity of OEM Synergy Grill Technology spare parts.

This exciting partnership serves to strengthen Synergy’s accessibility throughout the UK market with operators now able to purchase Synergy spare parts and accessories via First Choice Group’s professional, fast and convenient supply system which is widely praised throughout the commercial equipment sector.

As part of this exclusive deal, Synergy Grill Technology will also gain access to First Choice’s prestigious training and meeting facilities which they will utilise to give Synergy customers a more central base for demonstrations and guidance.

Synergy Grill Technology is the only British supplier to be exclusively available via First Choice Group and Justin Cadbury, Chairman of Synergy Grill Technology pinpoints this agreement as yet another milestone in the ongoing accessibility of Synergy Grills:

“As well as this partnership being the perfect platform for Synergy Grill Technology to grow further throughout the UK catering industry, the fact that Synergy Grill Technology is the only British supplier to exclusively sell their spare part parts through First Choice reinforces Synergy’s ‘Made in Britain’ philosophy. The fact that we’ve agreed exclusivity to First Choice Group encapsulates exactly how highly we regard the First-Choice brand and we have every confidence that by working together, both Synergy Grill Technology and First Choice customers will be the ultimate benefactors.”

First Choice Group Managing Director, John Whitehouse said of the agreement, “We are delighted to have signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Synergy Grill Technology, particularly given their new, fast-growing manufacturer status which First Choice Group are committed to supporting.”

In order to ensure the best service, Synergy Grill Technology and First Choice Group will be working closely together to ensure all spare parts, accessories and information such as manuals, specifications and photos are kept up to date. Specially trained customers service advisors will also be able to offer First Choice Group customers expert guidance on parts and accessories for Synergy Grill Technology’s equipment range.

Utilising the very latest patented technology, Synergy Grills produce a better cook result, require less ventilation and are one of the easiest grills to clean. Instead of adding to the ever-growing number of fatbergs, the grill simply atomises the fat thereby eradicating the need for fat trays. This means that operators just vacuum up any remaining dust at the end of service.

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For further information on First Choice Group, visit or download the ‘First Choice Catering Spares’ app (available on iOS and Android).