Does any ceda Member know who makes a double door pass through refrigerator circa 1400 x 800mm please?


  1. CEP do a real big one but not double door.
  2. Infrico – Two Door Refrigerated Prep Counters. MPN: BMGN1470PDC Width: 1468mm Height: 850mm Depth: 700mm
  3. I believe they are few and far between and the low height could be a particular problem. We supplied one of these earlier this year, which is not too far off and they say that they may be able to make custom sizes – It was not cheap either, at £2925 + VAT and that was six months ago.
  4. Moffat Scotland
  5. Gram used to make 800 deep double door counter fridges.
  6. Precision Refrigeration – they will supply bespoke items
  7. Scobie McIntosh. Tel: 0845 5040 466. Email:
  8. Try Gamko or Osborne refrigerators.
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