Please could you recommend a good independent CAD designer?


  1. James Brettle. Tel: 0121 585 9477 Mobile: 07886 788 105 Email:
  2. Digital Design Projects
  3. Oliver Hambley, Lead Designer at ceda Member company ‘CaterKwik’ said they can help. Direct Line – 01229 484942
  4. I can recommend James Brettle.  He is very experienced.  Tel 07886 788105. Email
  5. Sanjai Rohatgi Tel: 07854 922012
  6. Sam Grayson at Digital Design Projects. Tel: 07545 927952
  7. Russ Chadwick of CO5 Design
  8. Dave York is a Freelance Cad Designer he works in 2d and 3d as well as a multitude of other Cad services.  we haven’t used Dave yet, but will do in the future. As we really like the look of his visuals. Price wise he has quoted me £20 per hour. His web site is and email address is
  9. Langley Foxall. Based up near Manchester. A lad called Sam Calvert he used to work for Lockharts. Very good drawings and superb on the visuals etc. He is on LinkedIn
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