I am having trouble finding any research or case studies supporting replacing sterilising sinks in schools with dishwashers. I wonder if any members may know of any?


  1. I’m not aware of any but if they haven’t already used the H&S aspects against sterilising sinks, very, very hot water, steam, lifting, slips trips etc. Plus, energy consumptions must be huge, how clean is the water after a short time? Labour intensive. Above all it’s an antiquated method of washing up!
  2. I have not come across anything specific however there is some small reference to manual washing in professional kitchens by Rohatsch et all section 4.7 pp 168-179. I would also research in google scholar as there are some articles that deal with it but not as a comparison.
  3. The only time he has ever experienced a time where the sink has been changed to a dishwasher is when EHO raised query ref temperatures.
  4. The regulations changed in 2013 and Page 16 3.1 Heat Disinfection of the FSA Guidance now shows that the requirement for 82oc as a minimum rinse temperature has been removed making the need for Sterilising Sinks redundant. Sterilising Sinks were also considered to be too high a H&S risk. Chlorine Detergents will significantly reduce cross-contamination and reduce bacteria levels.
  5. Contact LACA –
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