A ceda Member has requested recommendations and contact details for solicitors that have been used by fellow ceda Members, specifically on legal issues for ventilation.


  1. I have previously taken advice from Ward Hadaway Solicitors. Fortunately, the issue we had was resolved amicably without the need for further legal assistance but one of their partners (see below) specialises in construction and associated engineering, so he may be able to advise on ventilation. Contact: Paul Reekie – Partner/Contruction & Engineering Unit Email: Tel: +44 (0) 191 204 4331
  2. Contact Rob Bywell, he’s a solicitor.
  3. I would suggest that you contact Build UK as they should possibly be able to help or they may possibly be able to recommend a specialist solicitor. If you call Build UK and say that you are a ceda member you can ask for their advice with regards to your enquiry: Tel: 0844 249 5351
  4. Contractual and Legal (England and Wales) – Wedlake Bell – One hour’s free advice per year on construction law, contracts, dispute resolutions and retentions if you say you are a ceda Member. Tel: 0844 249 9871
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