We supplied and installed a Lincat Q90 island cooksuite in 2014 and are having ever greater problems in finding spare parts since Lincat decided to terminate their relationship with the Giga factory in Italy. Does anyone know where there is a reliable source for Q90 spares? Lincat, Middleby and First Choice have not been able to help us.


  1. Try Euro catering – 01455 559969.
  2. Try GEV or LF Spares…
  3. Try GEV or LF Spares…
  4. I can help to some degree, many of the components in figs Q90 were changed by Lincat and don’t always correspond.  However with right info I can help out.  I have a good relationship with the Italian factory.Kind regards,Amjad AlikhanGeneral Catering Ltd
    Unit 6 Croft court
    DN3 1QL
    Tel: 01302 340742
  5. E mail the factory in Italy for UK agent, google will translate?
    Try Commercial Catering Spares possibly .
  6. Contact Richard Fordham –
  7. Try GEV 01476 583922. I would also be asking Lincat what they propose to do about it.
  8. They could try cater parts, they are not always thought of as spares partners for catering equipment but they do have a tie in with the Italian manufactures and do a lot of Italian kit , both washware and catering or possibly LF spares again they are big on the Italian front and have a very good web site
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