We are doing the kitchen and servery consultancy for a new build and as part of the tender have been asked for a “statement of non-compliance”.

Could any of the members help as Lendlease has not explained anymore detail on what we need to put in the statement?


  1. I think this would possibly need someone with legal knowledge.
  2. I would imagine that this is a statement of where the supplier has quoted an alternative specification (ie has not complied with the tender specification)
  3. I have had a conversation with our ISO adviser and we would suggest the following:What to Include in a Non-conformance StatementThe statement of non-conformance should be concise, self-explanatory, and related to the process. It should not restate the audit evidence. Instead, it should record the requirement against which the non-conformance was detected.A non-conformance statement should include three distinct parts:
    • Non-conformance: Clearly define and document the systemic failure within the non-conformance.
    • Objective evidence: Quote the appropriate standard clause, work instruction, procedure or process requirement.
    • Stated requirement: What objective evidence is/was used to indicate a non-conformance existed? What record, document, procedure was used to verify existence of a non-conformance?

    I would suggest that the member would respond by stating that any areas of non-compliance will be:


    • Any non-conformance will be Clearly defined and documented.
    • The appropriate standard, clause, work instruction, procedure or process requirement will be stated.
    • Records, documents and procedures that were used to verify existence of a non-conformance will be listed.
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