We are looking for a “Slider” Induction Hob which can be fitted into the underside of a service counter which is finished in marble or granite. They do not want the ceramic plate itself to be visible?

Does anyone know if such a product is available on the market suitable for this, and if so who would supply it?


  1. Induced Energy and MCS both do them to my knowledge.
  2. I would suggest Induced Energy, will be able to assist.Nic BannerSales DirectorInduced Energy LimitedMob:    07788 714599


  3. MCS Technical Products –
  4. I can only think to suggest contacting MCS Technical Products in Swindon who are very much into niche and bespoke induction products. But I would think that the member has probably already approached them?Alternatively, maybe buy a standard shallow profile induction hob and ask their fabricators to make a roller carriage cassette to accept such a unit?
  5. Try Craig @ Induced Energy. Really good product and a really helpful chap. Craig Sanders (
  6. I believe MCS do these kind of induction hobs that go under the granite.
  7. Yes, Cooktek do a Selenzio Inductione (or similar) which works below the surface and is invisible – also Grande Cuisine do a version as does Catertherm.
  8. Induced energy will be the best for this.
  9. Controlled Energy. They don’t like selling them if they not building the unit, but you can try.
  10. MCS produce an induction based undercounter warmer that will worth through most stones and composite materials.
    It is just a warmer rather than a cooker but a good place for them to start discussions.
  11. Ask them to call MCS Technical, product spec as below:
  12. The only way I am aware of doing that for COOKING (not holding) is using the induced energy unit, however typically this needs to be under pyrolave talk to induced energy.
    If just holding cookteck by MCS technical using the incognito is the other option but only for holding.
  13. Take a look at the following as they mention a slider.
  14. Contact Peter Rigby of MCS Technical Products for the Cooktek induction products to solve their under-surface induction solution.
  15. Grande Cuisine do some excellent units that will go under stone / granite – they are only for keeping hot – not for cooking, but your member is probably aware of this limitation
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