I am searching for a 300mm slicer for spares, model is Sirman / Canova / Ital, CNV300AFFR in particular I need the meat carrier and spike. Can any of our members help?


  1. Have you tried First Choice who may be able to supply?
  2. FEM are the Sirman company in the UK.
  3. The UK distributor FEM  hold spares (foodservice equipment marketing Ltd). Telephone 01355 244111
  4. FEM supply these, I’m sure they could help?
  5. FEM are distributors for Sirman.
  6. Try FEM – I would think they are agents for Sirman brand.
  7. I have attached drawings, FEM can supply the parts.Cnv-ce-4.pdfCnv-std-ce-3..pdf





  8. Spares can be purchased via FEM, who run the agency. Tel no: 01355 244 111
  9. We often use LF Spares for Sirman/Ital parts.Exploded diagrams are also available on the website.
  10.  think Ital products are sold by Nisbets/RB Distributors, Uropa.
  11. I’ve attached drawings from August 2016 onwards, I take it you are meaning 002, the Meat Press, p/n 19801235, this has the spikes, but I’m not sure what you mean by ‘meat carrier’.Canova-300-From-August-2016-Parts-Breakdown.xlsxCanova-300-From-August-2016-Parts-Diagram.pdf
  12. I would have thought Firstchoice would stock, if not them RB as this is one of the Uropa brands.
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