Would it be possible to ask the membership if they know of a good contact at Trak Hupfer?  We’re taking out an existing system so we can replace the dishwasher and then re-installing it. BUT we need to put a wastepro under it and it won’t fit!

The service lady says they ‘sort out problems 99% of times on site’ but as you can imagine I want to KNOW it’ll work – happy to pay for an engineer to come to site but can’t get past the ‘front desk’.

I’m sure other ceda members would want a solution BEFORE installation starts so any helpful names who could facilitate a visit prior to work starting would be appreciated.


  1. Dave Coburn.
  2. Dave Coburn or Ian Hodgson on Tel: 07917155571
  3. Mark Reynolds is the Sales Manager I have dealt with in the past not sure if he is still there or Keith May is the draughtsman.
  4. Contacts:07917 155571 – Ian07917 155575 – Dave Coburn
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