Can ceda members help direct us to select a suitable CRM system that will help us as a growing business.

Our member is interested in knowing what system most ceda members currently use and what capabilities can be added taking into account the following:

  • Easy to use CRM
  • Integrates to an accounts system (not necessary but would help)
  • Easy allocation of engineers jobs etc.


  1. We have been using “CLIK” This is an affordable fully maintained and updated system, it also has a remote module to alleviate paper worksheets from the engineers. We have had it for many years but only recently over the last 3 months been using it to its full capability and it is proving very effective.
  2. We use a system that we have used since 1999 , it has served us well during that time and has grown with us.The system will work from single user right up to multi users and we have now gone all electronic with it so no more paper sheets.The Company is CLIK Limited, they have a very good web site as well , where the demo versions can be viewed.

    Their sales contact is Paul Snowdon. Tel: 0117 902 2012

  3. We use Clik service with integration of Clik Jobs Ipad App for the engineers worksheets. It has all the functions we need for the number of engineers we have currently which is 8.
    It has integration with desktop accounts packages such as Sage, with integration with cloud based packages such as quickbooks and xero coming soon (so I am told).
  4. We use a system called Service Director, it uses android handsets as PDA’s and it links into some aspects of Sage accounting.
  5. We use Jobwatch by Bigchange.
  6. We use Clik for this very purpose and have settled very well into it.  This integrates into Sage for accounting purposes –
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