We are looking at specifying an electric 5kg coffee roaster in the ground floor of a 10-storey building. Cannot vent externally due to being listed so has to go to roof.
Manufacturers literature refers to flammable products being given off during the process and very high temperature of the exhaust gasses. Also chaff collection.
Does anyone have any experience of installing these and how the extract system functions safely?


  1. We have used these in the past from Fracino but re only small.
    They do however require ducting due to the smoke as a result of the final roasting process
  2. he issue that your member has is something that I have dealt with before. Ventilation for this type of operation can be achieved but it doesn’t come cheap as the extract duct will most likely need to be fire rated right through the building as well as needing other specialised plant.
    Happy to help if I can.Best Regards,Steve Cole.

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