We are having more and more larger parts deliveries for our London based engineers. We were having these sent to their home addresses, but it isn’t working. Do you know of any hubs, delivery companies etc, local to London who would take the deliveries in for our engineers to then collect?


1. We once upon a time used a system called ByBox which was offered by First Choice/Parts Town. The engineers then collected from here using a key. It’s like the smart lockers you get for Amazon and InPost etc. Might be an option for the member.

2. Parts Town offer many other alternatives, i.e. BT Final Mile and in your van service as well as Post Office pick-ups.

3. I started looking into something called Bybox – which I believe Parts town and a few of the larger catering engineer companies use. Nothing ever came of it so can’t see how it worked, but the concept was basically a collection hub, anywhere in the UK, parts would be delivered to and engineers could collect local to the job.

4. I don’t know of any local London delivery companies, however in my last job we used to either deliver early morning to local lockers (local to engineer or a regular site), or we had a man with a van who used to take parts to central London and engineers would meet him if they had parts to collect or return. I believe this was Smithfield Market he would park up for 2/3hrs.

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