We have a bit of a dilemma as our supplier has component issues and therefore, we need to find a bottle cooler with the below dims that can be delivered to a restaurant in London by Friday – 29th September 2023!
*600 wide 800/820 max high 500 deep and needs to have s/s solid door.


  1. Osborne will make but whether in time is another matter.
  2. You can try Osborne refrigeration as they make to order but are not cheap.
  3. The only one I can think of is Precision Refrigeration BBS600_GD it can be configured for height and a solid door but not sure if they would have stock or the delivery slot.
  4. They might struggle with 500mm deep is it not 550? Osborne do one 160ES GSS, im 90% sure its in stock as I only checked the back end of last week.
    *That’s the glass door code sorry not sure if they do a solid door.
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